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OK Go says Apple ripped off their music video

Yesterday's iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event kicked off with a fancy video about perspective, but rock band OK Go says the whole thing is a riff on their work shooting The Writing's on the Wall. Apple used the same director and production company as OK Go did for their music video.

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The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ads, brought to you by Timberlake and Fallon

If ever there were a dynamic duo, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon might be it, and they're certainly taking that route for the latest ads from Apple showing off the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The (so far) pair of ads feature the two offering voice overs for the new phones, in particular highlighting the new Health app in iOS 8.

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Apple building their own 1,000-member in-house ad team

Apple has always set a high bar with their advertising, and that high bar has led to frustration with their long-time partner TBWA/MAL and the formation of an internal advertising team that Apple hopes to build to one thousand members. That's a huge team, and as previously reported, they're already producing work for Apple.

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New World Cup Beats ad features Mac and iPhone

Though the dust has barely settled from Apple's acquisition of Beats, the latest ad posted promoting Dre's Solo2 headphones (which you can win here!) features iPhone and Mac hardware throughout. "The Game Before The Game" is a 5-minute video stars a bunch of famous footballers preparing for their big match, and of course they're using Beats headphones to get in the zone. Throughout there are shots of fans getting hyped up in their own ways. Though it's not specifically mentioned, the whole thing is alluding to the World Cup, which starts next week.

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Apple moving more of their advertising in-house

Apple has been moving more and more of its advertisements in-house according to recent interviews and anonymous reports. Apple has apparently been hiring one Tyler Whisnand from the Media Arts Lab, a wing of TBWA\Chiat\Day that was regularly employed to roll out iconic Apple marketing campaigns. Apple has fleshed out their internal team with other high-profile hires. It's now rumored that Media Arts Lab has to compete with Apple's internal team for each campaign. Apparently recent commercials like the "What will your verse be?" and the iPad Air "pencil" ad were produced by Apple's team.

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On Google, advertising, and invading your home appliances

In answering the federal regulators' questions last year, Google merely stated the obvious — 'mobile' doesn't fit the new categories of device of the future

Can't say I didn't see this coming.

Late last year, the Securities and Exchange Commission — one of the bodies that helps make sure businesses play fair — had some questions for Google regarding its year-end 2012 fiscal report, which was filed in January 2013. Some of those questions regarded Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility. Some had to do with taxes. Some with Motorola's Home business. Other questions had to do with the difference between the "cost per click" for advertising on desktop versus mobile.

It's Google's answers to that last section that got the headlines, of course. It's blogger gold. "ZOMG Google to put ads on thermostats and refrigerators and your newborn baby's forehead."

Only, that's not really what Google said.

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Are fullscreen, auto-playing iAds on the way?

Apple might be preparing to offer new fullscreen, video iAds that play automatically. Described as TV commercial-like "interstitials," the ads would interrupt whatever a user was doing in an app at the time.

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Instagram advertising is coming, and now we know what it's going to look like

Instagram advertising is coming, we can't avoid it, and now we get our first look at what it's going to look like in our streams. The good news; the ads don't appear to jump out and smack you in the face as such. And, initially the rollout will be conducted with a select group of partners.

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Apple said to start marketing hiring spree

For all of its high profile and signature flavor, Apple's marketing has never been a major focus for the company, but that may change with an upcoming hiring spree of creatives for in-house advertising. An unnamed Apple executive has spoken about a shift which will include the growth of the in-house design group from 300 to 500 or 600.

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Ads coming to Instagram in the next year

Instagram had to make money someday, and after being acquired by Facebook, it's clear that the strategy is going to lie in advertising. In a recent interview, Facebook's Emily White described her challenges in roping in advertisers to Instagram while not scaring off the user base.

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