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Air Travel

Flying the iPhone and iPad friendly skies

Where do you take devices that are small, incredibly convenient to use, and that store a ton of data? To the skies.

It seems like a natural fit. Why have reams and reams of paper documents when every manual pilots and other crew members need can fit on an iPad. Why have hard-to-use sales terminals or mobile devices when an iPad or iPhone point-of-sale can be easier and more visual to use, and can go with service personnel onto the flights?

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Southwest Airlines app introduces mobile ticketing

Budget U.S. airliner Southwest Airlines has added mobile boarding passes to their mobile apps on Android and iOS. The update brings functionality to Southwest's app that competing carriers have offered for some time: just load up your boarding pass code on your smartphone and scan it on your way through security and when boarding your plane. Not only does it save on paper, it's more convenient with automatic location-based availability.

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CalypsoTag your luggage, find out where it is with your iPhone

Sick of that scrum that always forms around the luggage carousel at the airport? Just stand back and wait for your luggage to come to you with CalypsoCrystal's new CalypsoTag.

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Traveling by air this weekend? Avoid getting hung up at the airport with FAAwait

If you're traveling in the United States this weekend, remember that the giant snowstorm that hit eastern states has severely disrupted air travel. Definitely make sure to get in touch with your airline before heading out to the airport, and you may also want to download FAAwait, a handy mobile app available for download from the App Store.

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F.A.A. reconsidering no-gadget policy during airplane taxi, take-off, and landing

A spokesperson at the Federal Aviation Administration said they are reconsidering the requirement to turn off your gadgets on the plane while landing and taking off.

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TSA: Leave iPad in your baggage unless instructed otherwise

The TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) have deemed Apple's new iPad magical enough to pass through airport security scanners mostly without your having to remove it from your travel bags. Mostly.

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Want to Take an iPhone, iPod touch, or Any Gadget on a Flight Into the US? Here's What You Need to Know!

In the wake of the latest act of terrorism attempted on a US airplane, the TSA has enacted what appear to be deliberately unpredictable new security measures that seem to include a complete ban on the use of electronics like the iPhone or iPod touch, and even the use of the bathroom for the last hour of any plane trip in-bound to the US.

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iPhone Beats Palm Pre at Air Travel?

iPhone vs. Palm Pre combat and comparison is nothing new, but is smartphones' newest rivalry ready to take to the skies? Ars Technica certainly thinks so:

Ultimately, traveling with the Pre made me want my iPhone back

Though user-changeable, battery life on the Palm Pre was cited as one of the biggest disadvantages, draining rapidly under the onslaught of the famed Synergy and Card systems, and dying in just 30 min. of Sprint TV viewing(?!). Lack of Apps was another.

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