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Eight Android phones to buy instead of the 8 GB iPhone 5c

Apple on Tuesday quietly introduced a new iPhone 5c model to select European and Asian markets today with a lower price tag but half the storage capacity; 8 GB, for - in the UK anyway, about ยฃ40 less than its 16 GB counterpart. Interested in what else you can get for the money? How about Android phones?

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Pebble smartwatch round table with Android Central and a special cameo appearance!

Of the current crop of smartwatches โ€“ all of which are pretty much version 1.0 products โ€“ the Pebble has emerged as one of the early favorites. Our colleagues at Android Central have all experienced the Pebble in recent months, and have put together a pretty in-depth roundtable review with a cameo from none other than our very own Georgia!

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Follow the Samsung Developer Conference with Android Central Live!

It's always good to keep a close eye on what the competition is doing, and we're on the ground this week in San Francisco for the Samsung Developers Conference with Android Central โ€“ the official community partner for the event. Our buddies Phil Nickinson and Andrew Martonik will be broadcasting the very best Samsung has to offer this week through the very wonderful Android Central Live! Think back to CrackBerry Live from Orlando earlier this year, and you'll get a sense of what to expect.

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Android Central Live coming to Samsung Developers Conference next week

iMore's sibling site, Android Central will be doing Android Central Live at next week's Samsung Developer Conference. That's right, Samsung is holding their own dev event, and AC is their official community partner. What can you expect from their amped up coverage? Pretty much what Mobile Nations did for BlackBerry with CrackBerry Live last spring. That means live interviews, show coverage, podcasts, and more, all hosted by our very own Phil Nickinson.

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Huawei's Ascend P6 does look a lot like an iPhone in the right light

Back in June, Huawei unveiled their latest high-end Android smartphone, the Ascend P6, that immediately struck a familiar design chord. Right from the first teaser images, the comparisons to the iPhone started to fly, mainly due to the metal banding that encases the phone around the edges. Now, since Andrew Martonik over at Android Central has an Ascend P6 in for review, he's gone and taken a closer look, setting it side-by-side with an iPhone 4S:

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See Google's next iPad competitor live in San Francisco with Android Central!

It's a busy week once again here at Mobile Nations, and once more we hand over to our buddies at Android Central for another important event taking place later today. Google has invited members of the press to have "breakfast with Sundar Pichai," the Chrome and Android chief. Possible unveils could be the much leaked Nexus 7 successor, Android 4.3, and since this is Google, there could be a couple of surprises thrown in along the way.

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Android Central is live at CTIA in Las Vegas!

Another week, another mobile show. This time up is CTIA in Las Vegas, where the mobile industry gets together to show off all the stuff that makes the mobile world work. There's also likely a few more consumer friendly items lurking too as well as news from Sprint and Verizon. Phil, Andrew and Anndrew from Android Central are on the ground in Vegas all week covering the event, so for all the best the show has to offer, be sure to pay them a visit.

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Follow the Google I/O 2013 Keynote with Android Central!

What a week in mobile we're seeing. First Nokia, then BlackBerry, and today it's over to Google. Our buddies Phil Nickinson and Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central are on the ground in San Francisco for Google I/O 2013. Today is go time, with Google's three hour long monster keynote due to kick off this morning, afternoon or evening depending on where abouts in the world you are.

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Mobile Nations 7: Beta

Phil, Kevin, and Rene beta test a new video rig, survive technical problems, and talk RIM results, BlackBerry striking back, next generation Android phones, Windows 8 tablets, and a tale of two iPhones. This is Mobile Nations!

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Android 2.2 "Froyo" unveiling today - the competition

Google seems set to announce the next version of their Android operating system, deliciously dubbed Froyo (frozen yogurt) at the Google I/O conference today. Android Central's Phil Nickinson is at the conference and will be bringing us the action live and as it happens.

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