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App Ratings

Apple updates app ratings and content descriptions - here's what is new

Apple has sent out a note to developers about changes to app ratings and content descriptions. They note that these changes may affect the current rating of any applications in the App Store, then give a little insight about what has changed.

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App Store ratings M.I.A.?

It appears for some strange reason that the App Store ratings seem to be missing as of this morning. On the featured page all of the ratings are gone and show each app has no ratings. Once you click on the app the rating seems to be back but for some reason on the main page the rating is no where to be found.

Also when I was trying to update a few apps this morning it the download began to hang taking much longer than usual. I also had two Game Center requests which took ages to accept and register on the server. Maybe something strange is going on with Apple servers this morning and hopefully these strange issues go away quickly.

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: App Store Gets Age-Based Restrictions for Parental Control

More new finds in iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: it seems like those Restriction Settings -- allowing parental control over apps based on ratings -- we heard rumored in the wake of Reznor-gate have been surfaced in the latest beta.

Options include:

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