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App Roundup

InDesign alternatives for Mac: Can anything unseat Adobe for page layout?

Adobe's switch to software as a service has sent budget-minded creative professionals looking for alternatives to the Creative Cloud apps that don't cost them a monthly fee. As the Mac App Store has grown in popularity, alternatives have cropped up. Pixelmator serves many users' needs for a Photoshop replacement. Sketch 3 is an excellent alternative to Illustrator. But where's a solid alternative to InDesign?

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Best games for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s went on sale today, and ever since iOS 7 was made available, developers all over have been unleashing their newly-optimized apps. As far as gamers are concerned, the biggest addition to iOS 7 is hardware controller support, but there are a lot of smaller tweaks, such as a new Turns section in Game Center. Let’s go through some of the top games in the App Store that have already been updated for iOS 7.

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Apps of the week: Indie Pixel, Editorial, StuntCopter and much more!

It's a holiday weekend in the U.S. and Canada, and that means it's time for iMore's editorial Oompa-Loompas to share with you a selection of our most used apps.

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Best Mac games to play for Labor Day weekend

Many of us in the United States and Canada get a three-day weekend this weekend, thanks to Labo(u)r Day - the first Monday in September, when we celebrate and recognize the worker. For many of us it's the functional end of summer, as we go back to school or end our summer breaks and get back to work. But the rule of the day - and preferably the weekend, if you can manage it, is to enjoy as much idle time as possible. Here are five newer Mac games to help entertain you this weekend.

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The best back to school apps for Mac

It's that time of year when kids flock back to school and parents collectively breathe a sigh of relief. Some mornings the air is getting crisp and soon the leaves will start to turn - it's back to school time. If you're a Mac-using household and you'd like to get things together for the new school year, I've come up with a list of helpful Mac apps for you to look at. What's more, some of them integrate or complement iOS companion apps.

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Top 5 IM instant messenger apps for iPhone

TiPb checks out the best, most must-have IM/Instant Messenger apps to load up on your iPhone

Interested in knowing which are the best, most must-have instant messenger (IM) apps for your iPhone? Eager to get you chat on via AIM/MobileMe, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace, and/or Jabber but need to know which client supports what and how well? Well read on for TiPb's top 5 most recommended IM/instant messenger clients for iPhone!

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