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App Sales

App Santa returns to bring you some of the best apps for iOS and Mac for up to 60% off!

App Santa is back! From December 16 to December 26, a number of independent developers have banded together to bring you some of the best apps for iOS and OS X for up to 60% off. From App Santa:

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July was a record month for App Store purchases

July was apparently a banner month for Apple's App Store. Purchases of apps and in-app items were made in record numbers. From CNBC:

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App Santa brings you some of the best apps for iOS, at up to 60% off!

App Santa is spearheaded by some of the best know developers of some of the most award-winning apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The promotion is only for the holidays, but while it lasts you'll be able to get up to 60% off some of the most amazing iOS apps ever made. App Santa:

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Select Garmin iOS apps up to 50% off on Black Friday

If you're in the market for a navigation app for your iPhone or iPad, you may want to hold off for Black Friday as Garmin has informed us that some of their NAVIGON and StreetPilot apps for iOS will be 50% off for the day.

Here is a list of the iOS apps Garmin is offering as well as original and sale prices:

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Apple's Get Stuff Done promo slashes prices on popular Mac App Store productivity apps

Apple has launched a three week promotional sale featuring popular productivity apps for Mac. Each week will feature a different kind of todo app to help you get things done. The first week runs from January 24th through January 31 and the category is "prioritize".

Popular productivity apps such as Clear, Things 2, 2Do, Due, and many more great apps that can help enhance your overall Mac workflow are on sale, sometimes even for as much as 50% off.

Here's a complete list of what's available and on sale in the Mac app store for this week -

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Things 2 for Mac is 50% off until January 31st

If you currently have Things 2 for iOS but just couldn't bite the bullet and pay $49.99 for the Mac version, you can now get it for half off but only for a limited time. Things 2 for Mac is currently on sale in the Mac App Store for $24.99 until January 31st.

Things 2 is a beautiful task management suite that's available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It's on the higher end when it comes to price but Things 2 brought with it a slew of great features that make it worth the price tag for anyone who wants to get things done with one of the best task management apps available.

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Black Friday app deals

It's Black Friday and there may be one little store you forgot to include in your shopping plans - the App Store! A plethora of apps are having huge sales this weekend, and we have gathered a few of our favorites that you do not want to miss.

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Holiday Weekend App Sales

Today marks the first day of July, which means Independence Day is only a few days away. To celebrate, many developers have put their apps on sale and we've rounded up some of our favorites to tell you about!

  1. EA Games: All games up to 90% off. [EA - iTunes link]

  2. Gameloft Games: Select titles on sale for $0.99 for a 'limited time'.

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4th of July App Store sales - EA, Gameloft, Namco, Glu

In celebration of the US 4th of July holiday, there are a bunch of sales going on in the iTunes Apps Store, including EA, Gameloft, Glu, Namco, and more.

Aside from games, if you have a few moments to spend browsing through Apple's hundreds of thousands of apps, you might just find a quite a few others taking advantage of the holiday to drum up some sales.

Check out the links below for some great game lists. Any of your favorites super cheap today? Let us know in comments!

[Touch Arcade sales list, 148apps sale list]

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iTunes Connect Mobile now in App Store

Apple recently released iTunes Connect Mobile [Free - iTunes Link] which allows registered developers to track app sales and trends.  The app is available via the App Store now and is a free download.  For developers, this provides an extremely easy way to not only check sales numbers but to see trends on the go.

Simply log in and you'll get a nice layout that shows you not only your total sales but a breakdown of sales by application. From what I understand, you can see either daily or weekly totals as of right now. As we are currently working on applications and haven't released any yet, I don't see any breakdowns.  Any developers have any feedback on the breakdown or things you'd like to see in an update?

I think another really neat app idea would be if Apple released an app that let regular users see purchased app histories and showed totals of all iPhone/iPad apps they've purchased, as well as a monthly breakdown of what they're buying.  It would be interesting how much users spend on apps in total.  After 3 years of using an iPhone, I'd be nervous to see how much I've actually spent on apps.  Hit the break for some screenshots!

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