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Apple Board

BlackRock's Susan Wagner brings M&A experience to Apple's board

Apple had announced today that its longest serving board member, Bill Campbell, has retired after 17 years of service and to replace his seat will be BlackRock co-founder Susan Wagner. Of note is the fact that Apple highlighted Wagner's experience with M&A, or mergers and acquisitions, to her seat on the board. Though it's still too early to tell if Apple will be aggressively acquiring more companies after its $3 billion purchase of Beats, Wagner could help Cook and company do so if needed.

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Art Levinson, Chairman of the Board at Apple, talks about life at Apple after Steve Jobs

The chairman of Apple’s board, Art Levinson, spoke to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business on Tuesday, about a wide range of topics, including life at Apple after the death of Steve Jobs, and the role of Apple’s board in developing products. Levinson joined Apple’s board in 2000 and was said to be a close friend of Jobs, taking over the role of Chairman of the Board in November 2011, following the passing of Jobs the previous October.

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Apple adds former Northrop Grumman CEO Ronald D. Sugar to board of directors

Apple has finally started filling our their board of directors again, announcing today the addition of Northrop Grumman CEO Ronald D. Sugar.

“Ron is an engineer at heart, who then became a very successful business leader. We are very excited to welcome him to Apple’s Board,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “In addition to having been the CEO of a high-tech Fortune 100 company, Ron has a Ph.D. in engineering and has been involved in the development of some very sophisticated technology.”

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Wednesday Fun Video: Mosspuppet Claims Schmidt Was Spy on Apple Board, Asks for Job (NSFW-L)

Google's Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple Board of Directors

Apple PR has just announced that Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and member of the Apple board of directors since August 2006, is resigning that position.

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CEOh'Snap: Google's Eric Schmidt to "Talk with Apple People" Over Continued Role on Board

When he's not borrowing CrackBerry Kevin's personal handset to snap quick pics and give Android Cassey conniptions, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is responding to reporters about his role as a member of Apple's Board of Directors in light of Google entering the operating system space -- again:

"I'll talk to the Apple people. At the moment, there's no issue,"

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