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Apple Brand

Apple once again crowned world's most valuable brand

After dethroning Coca-Cola as the most valuable brand in the world last year, Apple has managed to retain its crown this year.

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Apple lays waste to Coca Cola, now the world's most valuable brand

There's a new king of the mountain when it comes to brand power, with Coca Cola being demoted for the first time in 13 years. The replacement; Apple, of course. According to the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report:

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Apple tops 2012 brand value chart

The annual Millward Brown BrandZ survey was released recently, with Apple holding fast to its number one spot. Apple's brand worth for 2012 actually grew 19% since last year to $183 billion, followed by IBM with $116 billion brand worth, and Google which dropped a down a rank.

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Steve Jobs in shorts, on branding - Think Different [video]

A younger, leggier Steve Jobs briefly schools the industry on how to do iconic, emotional branding by way of introducing the classic Think Different campaign.

Video after the break.

[Digital Daily via 9to5Mac]

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iPhone Tops 2009 CoolBrands Rankings

Looks like the iPhone topped the 2009 CoolBrands Rankings, coming in at a frigid #1, with Apple itself at #3 and the iPod at #4 (that's 3 out of the top 5 spots, according to our match department). Says Stephen Cheliotis of Centre for Brand Analysis:

The iPhone is something everyone has been talking about. There has been so such a buzz around it and people who haven't got one, want one.

And yeah, with the way they spell Centre and the notable inclusions and exclusions on the list (Xbox 360?) it's likely not a US-based survey. Still

Here's the full top 10:

  1. iPhone
  2. Aston Martin
  3. Apple
  4. iPod
  5. Nintendo
  6. YouTube
  7. BlackBerry
  8. Google
  9. Bang & Olufsen
  10. PlayStation 3

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TiPb Retorts: Customers are Smarter than the Average Phone

Time Magazine has an interesting article up on Apple's ongoing success with the iPhone in not only a poor economy, but in face of competition like Nokia, Palm, Sony/Ericsson, etc. doing badly, even when they offer much cheaper alternatives.

BlackBerry is enjoying similar success with their higher end products, leading Time to speculate that it's based on brand, a multi-factor and mysterious currency that companies spend fortunes earning so they can make even greater fortunes exploiting:

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Shiny Apple Logo Mod + Is the iPhone a Blade Runner Replicant?!

We know Apple VP of Design, Jonathan Ive loves him some Braun, but who knew he also drew inspiration from Ford? Harrison Ford, that is. Norwegian site Design4Dough spotted the 1982-era Blade Runner iPhone, wall-mount edition:

The likeness is exceptional. The metallic outline, the pictogram-matrix-touchscreen, the black chassie and the designated home-button area at the bottom.

Next up: Take our chrome, it's too bland; modify our Apple brand. We don't care, it's shiny; Russian mod for iPhone 2G! (With apologies to Joss Whedon and our readers!) Says iPhone Alley:

The device was the handywork of the people at The mod involves simply removing the chrome logo and replacing it with a glowy one. This video was created of one of a modded device in action.

(Thanks to "replicant browncoat" for the tips!)

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