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Apple Developer Portal

Apple patches hole in developer center that exposed user information

Last night Apple took their developer center down to patch a hole that allowed someone with access to the internal Radar app to get the professional contact information for anyone registered with the iOS, Mac, or Safari developer programs.

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Apple posts design guides and resources to help developers make better apps

Apple has added a new Design Guides and Resources section to their developer center. It includes videos and documentation on user interface design for apps and games, overviews of what's new in iOS 7, best practices, a look at how iPhoto was designed, Apple's famed Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), design dos and don'ts, the UIKit catalog, and the iOS 7 transition guide.

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Apple discloses bug that was likely responsible for developer center downtime

Apple recently updated their Web Server notifications page with several new acknowledgements to people who discovered and reported security vulnerabilities in Apple's servers. Among the discoveries acknowledged seems to be the vulnerability that was responsible for Apple's Developer Portal's eight-day outage. The notifications page shows a remote code execution vulnerability being reported on July 18th, the same day that Apple took the developer site down.

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Apple Developer Services now all back online, developers receiving free month extension

After the initial attempted intrusion to the Apple Developer Portal shut things down completely, services have slowly been restoring as Apple made efforts the get things back to normal. As of this morning, an email is hitting inboxes informing that all developer program services are back online, and Apple has an apology gift for all their registered developers:

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Apple tells developers most services will be restored this week

Apple has let developers know that they plan to restore most of the services still effected by the recent downtime this week. Many developer resources are already back up, with only the Member Center, Xcode automatic configuration, program enrollment and renewals, and technical support still down.

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App Store submissions reportedly taking longer to process following Developer Portal outage

After an eight day outage of the Apple Developer Portal, it's almost to be expected that there might be a backlog of submissions for App Store approval. Unless and until we start hearing grumbles from a lot of developers, or start hearing of above-average wait times, however, it's almost impossible to tell. A couple developers have reported receiving messages saying there'd be a delay in reviewing their apps, but the messages are identical to ones Apple has been using for years whenever the review process is taking longer than expected for a particular app.

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Apple Developer Center returns after an eight day outage

Apple's Developer Center has returned after a long eight days of downtime that began in response to a security threat last week. The recently launched System Status page shows that the iOS Dev Center,Mac Dev Center, and Safari Dev Center are all back up.

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Apple updates Developer Portal status, adds system status page

Apple has pushed out an update to their Developer Portal maintenance page to give developers some additional information about the current status of things in the wake of their security breach. The update announces the order in which developers can expect services and functionality to be restored.

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Ibrahim Balic on what he did, why he feels reponsible for Developer Center downtime, and what he's heard back from Apple since

Ibrahim Balic received a lot of attention recently after claiming he may be the person responsible for Apple's ongoing Developer Portal outage. With no further communication or corroboration from Apple, people are still trying to get a clear picture as to exactly what happened last Thursday that prompted Apple to take the site down, and if Balic's actions are truly the cause. In order to get a better handle on what may or may not have happened, and his potential role in it, I communicated with Balic yesterday and asked him a series of questions. Here's what I found out:

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Apple reveals they took down Developer Center due to intrusion, completely overhauling system

Apple has sent an email out to developers addressing the reason behind the ongoing multi-day outage of their developer portal, confirming suspicions that it was the result of a security breach.

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