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apple tv sdk

The argument for AirPlay as Apple's gaming console (and Apple TV SDK)

If there's an Apple TV software developer kit (SDK) at Apple - something they intend to release to the public, akin to the existing iPhone and iPad SDK - then it's currently sitting the winter out up on blocks in the Cupertino driveway. Long rumored, it hasn't been announced to date, and it's unclear exactly what form it would take if that ever changes. (Partnership only? Games and entertainment only?). What has been released by Apple, and continues to be improved in both iOS and OS X is AirPlay. It uses your existing Apple devices to power the apps, and your Apple TV to stream the results to your big screen TV. And soon, it'll work with MFi game controllers. Is that enough? Kyle Richter argues it may well be, and more:

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Apple TV and the future of gaming

Earlier this week, Nat Brown, one of the original Xbox team members at Microsoft, wrote a piece on the present and future of gaming, and Apple's potential to shape it. From iLike.code:

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No Apple TV SDK event in March. Of course.

Earlier today a financial analyst "reported" that Apple would be holding an Apple TV SDK event sometime in March. We didn't link to it because financial analysts have a lousy track record when it comes to Apple predictions, and whomever they're writing for, it's not media and it's not customers, and I couldn't think of a timely enough way to poke fun at it. However, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, who has an excellent track record on sorting accurate rumors from nonsensical rubbish, has weighed in.

No spoilers, tap/click on over.

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