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Atom launches first mobile-only bank in the UK with fixed savings

Atom is a new startup in the UK that will offer banking products and services mainly through available mobile apps. Kicking off with support for iPhone and iPad, the Bank of England has given the establishment a green light to commence trading.

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Intel Leaks: Atom-Powered iTablet Safari Pad Cometh?

True story: before the iPhone, Apple's multi-touch screen mobile efforts were focused on a tablet-like device known internally as Safari Pad. But when El Jobso unleashed his awesome powers of prediction, he saw cell phones coming on so strongly, he shifted Apple's gears -- and mobile OS X Touch development efforts -- to what became the iPhone.

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3G Rumorpalooza: Intel Inside?

The Inquirer is rumormongering that the fabled iPhone 3G (in this case, iPhone version 3, rocking 3G HSDPA data speeds) will, like big brother Mac before it, be undergoing a brain transplant. And Intel once again has the technology.

Crutching itself on a CeBIT slide showing Intel's MID (mobile internet device) roadmap, they point to a very conspicuous iPhone image in the bottom right corner. Wassup indeed?

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