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Daily Tip: How to turn on (or off) multiple text message alerts

Worried you might miss an urgent SMS message and wondering how to set up multiple alerts? Annoyed at the amount of notifications you're getting for texts and trying to figure out how to dial them back a notch or three? No problem, you can do both easily on iPhone and we'll show you how after the break!

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Verizon iPhone didn't meet initial sales expectations?

BGR is reporting that, according to one of their Apple sources, the first week of sales for the new Verizon iPhone were purportedly smaller than Apple and Verizon expected. The figures were drawn from five Apple retails stores covering the first five days of availability, including two "very, very prominent" locations and show a dwindling margin between AT&T and Verizon sales after the first 48 hours of availability:

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AT&T giving away 1000 bonus rollover minutes for iPhone

If you're a loyal AT&T customer who stuck with them during the great Verizon temptation of '11 then they're set to reward you with 1000 bonus rollover minutes. Some of you may get a text advising you of the offer but if you don't, just text the word "yes" to 11113020 and you'll get a reply verifying the bonus.

Very nice, AT&T! If you try it out let us know if it works for you!


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AT&T raising no-commit pricing by $50, matching Verizon?

If you thought no-commit -- or full -- price for a Verizon iPhone 4 would be $50 more than AT&T, think again as it looks like AT&T is bumping up their no-commit pricing to match.

The new no-commit price for a 16GB iPhone 4 is $649 and a 32GB is $749. If you're after an iPhone 3GS, however, the price has dropped $25 to $474. Go figure.

So if you're paying full price on either carrier in the near future at least you can take some small comfort in knowing it's the same price on both networks.

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AT&T fires back at Verizon with simultaneous voice and data commercial

The new Verizon iPhone commercial tore into AT&T's network but AT&T loaded their own cannons with some simultaneous voice and data and just shot back with a commercial of their own.

Called Answer the commercial highlights a man who gets a call from his wife double-checking on their anniversary plans -- which he of course forgot to make. He promptly puts the call into the background and jumps onto the internet, something that couldn't be done on Verizon (unless the man's office had, you know, Wi-Fi...)

Video after the break, let us know how compelling the counter commercial is in comments!

[Thanks Kaled]

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iPhone 3GS price drop to $49 on as well

Apple is now selling the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49, half the price is was just a week ago, matching AT&T's recent price drop.

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Will the Verizon iPhone help fix the AT&T iPhone?

Now that it looks all but certain the Verizon iPhone will be announced tomorrow, one of the questions that comes up is will users switching from AT&T help take the load off and create a better level of service for everyone?

First, a personal anecdote: I left Montreal to fly to CES 2011 last Tuesday. In Montreal the iPhone is fast, like HSPA 7.2 fast, with nary a dropped call and lost network signal, and a battery life that lasts as long as Apple's TV commercial suggests.

I switched planes in Charlotte and began to roam on AT&T. My iPhone 4 showed full bars but I kept getting a popup saying there was no network connection. That means the tower was broadcasting but there was no backhaul behind it. Like if your home Wi-Fi router is fine but your broadband ISP is down -- lots of radio, no internet.

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Original AT&T iPhone: 4 years later

While everyone waits for the big Verizon iPhone announcement tomorrow it's a touch poetic to remember that the original Cingular/AT&T iPhone was announced on January 9, 2007 -- almost four years ago to to the day.

Do you remember what smartphones were like before Steve Jobs took to the Macworld stage and finally revealed Apple's wide screen iPod, internet communicator and revolutionary phone? Can you believe how far they've come since?

Let us know what you remember the most about the original iPhone introduction, what phone you were using at the time, and how in your opinion Apple has changed things (for good or for bad) since? Anyone still using their original iPhone? Share your thoughts!

Video after the break!

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AT&T Continues Subsuming Dobson

AT&T begins rebranding Dobson's CellularOne-branded stores on Sunday, converting them to AT&T stores. That probably means the iPhone finally makes its official way to Alaska soon. So if you're up in Alaska and close to Fairbanks, Anchorage, or Juneau, it may be worth a stop by once it becomes available. AT&T gains a bunch of other regions besides Alaska, of course -- if you want to take a peer at the local coverage, there's a coverage list available here. Or there's this picture from an earlier article about the Dobson purchase...

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