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Attack Ads

TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #77 -- Apple Strikes Back!

Join Rene, Chad, and Michael Manna of the T4 Show for AT&T and Apple ads strike back, Schiller speaks, the WebApps alternative, Jailbreak worms, Chrome OS, and all the week's news! Listen in!

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #76 -- Game On!

Join Rene, Chad, and's Keith Newman for Apple gaming, profit share, OnLive, private API, Facebook fallout, Verizon attack ads and AT&T strikes back, gPhone cometh, Palm Pixi, and all the news, plus your questions answered! Listen in!

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Verizon Replies to AT&T's Lawsuit Over Attack Ads - "The

By now most of you have seen the infamous Verizon "map for that" attack ads against AT&T. It was only a matter of time before we heard Verizon's response to the lawsuit [Full document PDF link] that AT&T recently slapped them with and respond they did. Verizon's lawyers put their heads together to come up with the following opening line:


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Verizon iPhone Attack Ads Take the Gloves Off, Target Steve Jobs?

Verizon Attacks iPhone and AT&T... with Toys, Elves, and Xmas Blues?!

We have to admit, Verizon's latest, Xmas-themed iPhone and AT&T attack ads bring the funny. Continuing the savvy "map for that" (rather than silly DroidDoes), the first shows the land of misfit toys where an iPhone-looking device is condemned for its poor AT&T 3G coverage.

After the break, we have elves giving Verizon devices, with robust 3G coverage, to nice children and an iPhone with poor AT&T coverage to the naughty. And, lastly, a father has a blue Xmas when his iPhone can't reach his family (though a Verizon present awaits him when he finally gets home).

Attacking the iPhone on it's major front-facing weakness, much-hyped consumer dissatisfaction with AT&T's network is the kind of smart that is -- and, given Verizon's recent comments, may even be an attempt to show Apple the iPhone would be better off on a better network?

Of course, AT&T likely isn't laughing, given they're already suing Vewill likely take further issue with claims of 5x more 3G coverage, but they're already suing, right?

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UPDATED: Verizon Attack Ads -- Claim iPhone iDoesn't do What Android 2.0 Droid Does

UPDATE: TiPb asked a few non-geek friends and most of them didn't even realize Verizon was targeting the iPhone in these ads (some thought the commercial was saying whatever device they were talking about didn't do the things listed). Is that an ad-failure, or was it deliberately targeting geeks?

Secondly, Sacha Seagan over at Gearlog brings up the now apparently dual, and now opposite meaning behind "open application" buzzwords - a device totally controlled by Verizon.

Thirdly, does the push for the Droid explain why Verizon seemingly buried the BlackBerry Storm2 announcement?

Original post after the break!

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