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Hey OS X 10.9.2 β€” where did the iCloud Keychain forced password fill go?

It looks like yesterday's major update to Mavericks removed the ability to force passwords to save in Safari even if a website requested that they not be saved. Previously, users could check a box in the Password section of the Safari settings that read "Allow Autofill for websites that request passwords not be saved".

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Daily Tip: How to use AutoFill to automatically fill out web forms on iPhone and iPad

Tired of filling out one tedious web form after another, and wondering how to get Safari on iPhone and iPad to automatically fill them out for you? Luckily, deep within the settings of Safari there is a way to setup AutoFill, something which allows you to automatically input your personal data on sites that permit its use.

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How To: Autofill Your iPhone with Music

iTunes 8.1 brought us some snazzy improvements to Party Shuffle iTunes DJ and the iPhone's Remote app. That wasn't the only iPhone-related improvement, however, as Ars Techica notes, there's a new feature that used to be reserved for the iPod Shuffle that you can now use for the iPhone: Autofill.

Autofill essentially lets you just fill up the empty space on your iPhone with some randomly chosen music (you can choose to leave some space open for installing apps and the like later on). As somebody who's not really into constantly creating playlists and managing albums, it's a nice option. A nice option that's squirreled away in a pretty difficult to find place.

After the break, we walk you through the steps (courtesy of the Ars Article) screenshot-by-screenshot.

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