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Avatar movie franchise is coming to your phone as a mobile strategy game

Kabam has announced plans to release a "massively multiplayer mobile strategy game" that will be based on the Avatar sci-fi movie franchise. No release date was announced.

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Daily Tip: How to add a Gravatar profile pic to your TiPb comments!

Noticed that some TiPb comments have avatars -- pictures of the commenters -- next to the comments? Curious how you can get your own picture up there? TiPb is using the cross-site Gravatar system in our comments and though it does take a few steps to set up, they're simple and painless and we'll show them to you after the break!

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TiPb Apps 5.3: Gameloft (GDC 2010)

Live from GDC 2010, Rene talks to Baudoin Corman and Sanette Chao from Gameloft about Nova [$4.99 - iTunes link], Rayman 2 [$6.99 - iTunes link], GT Racing [$4.99 - iTunes link], Avatar [$6.99 - iTunes link] and many more [iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch... and soon for iPad!

Gameloft really wants to offer highly polished games and the highest quality gaming experience in every genre and to every type of gamer. for 2010 they're, already showing off Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Fisher Kings, Zombie Infection, and no doubt much more -- including iPad specific versions of some of their titles that better make use of the bigger screen. (As seen during Apple's iPad event).

For a large company, Gameloft has proven time and again they can react quickly to take advantage of new developments in the iPhone OS and whole new platforms like the iPad. It will be interesting to see what else they have planned for us in 2010. Fun too.

Watch along after the break!

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Forum Review: eMees Avatar Creator for the iPhone

eMees Avatar Creator Forum Review by cjvitek For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum Review Index!

I have a Wii, and one of the most enjoyable things (surprisingly) that I do with the system is created the Miis. And now, Mii creation comes to the iPhone!

eMees is a tool to create avatars for the iPhone. Once you create an avatar, you can save it to your photo roll, and you can even assign it to one of your contacts as their photo! As someone who doesn’t have any photos associated with contacts, this is a nice feature to have!

The concept behind eMees is the same idea as creating a Mii on the Wii. You choose various features – like head shape, hair pattern, eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc) to combine into a face. You can also adjust the color, and for some items (like nose, eyes, eyebrows) you can adjust the size, orientation, and horizontal or vertical position. Combine these features and you have a lot of flexability in creating an avatar, and as you practice and get more talented, you can get quite good at creating avatars that start to look like the intended target!

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