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How Tinkering Monkey made the iMore hall of fame award icons

When we decided to give out the 2012 and 2013 iMore hall of fame awards at WWDC 2013, our party planner, Jessie Char recommended Tinkering Monkey and wow-but-great choice. The awards turned out fantastically well, and they've posted up the making-of process on the Tinkering Monkey blog:

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Apple named best brand and best design studio by D&AD, flies complete design team to England to receive awards

Apple has been awarded the best brand and best design studio award at the D&AD (British Design & Art Direction) awards which were held in London, England. The D&AD awards are held every year and are recognised throughout the world as they set a standard for creative excellence. Apple obvioulsy agreed with the importance of the occasion as it flew its complete design team to the awards ceremony. All sixteen members involved including Sir Jonathan Ive were present and went up to collect the best design studio award together.

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Steve Jobs: Birthdays, Awards, Contest Calls, Shareholder Meetings, and iPhone 3.1.2

Apple CEO Steve Jobs turned 55 this week according to TUAW, so we'll start off by wishing a healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous birthday! What do you get the man who gave us the Apple II, Mac, Pixar, iPod, iTunes, Apple Retail, iPhone, and iPad? Well, a couple of awards aren't a bad place to start...

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Apple Owns the Decade on AdWeek's Marketing Awards

Apple won much of the decade in AdWeek's Best of 2000s Awards, which given their long and successive history of brilliant advertising shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to any of us in tech. And it starts right at the top with the big apple himself, Steve Jobs, Marketer of the Decade:

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iPhone 3GS #1 in Consumer Reports New Smartphone Ratings

The latest piece of hardware to come out of Cupertino, Apple's iPhone 3GS, has claimed the honor of being ranked number 1 in Consumer Reports new smartphone ratings. Now does this come as a surprise to anyone? In all actuality, it was pretty close within the top 8 devices: (Device/Overall Score):

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Apple Design Award Winning iPhone Apps: Tweetie, Topple, MLB at Bat, Wooden Labyrinth, Accuterra has posted up the winners of the WWDC 2009 Apple Design Awards (APA), and specifically for our interests, the iPhone winners. Like last year, a lot of our favorites got the nod. Here they are, with iTunes links where available:

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iPhone Wins Gadget of the Year, Smartphone of the Year at Engadget Awards

Yep, the iPhone has won Engadget's Gadget of the Year and Smartphone of the Year awards, not just from the editors, but from the readers as well. That's quadrupal honors for those keeping score at home.

For the Engadget Awards in general, the editors also picked the unibody MacBook, and iPod touch (handheld and portable), and gave the BlackBerry Storm the worst gadget honors. Readers, meanwhile went far more Apple, with for iMac, unibody MacBook, 24" LED Cinema Display, the iPod touch (for both handheld and portable), and Time Capsule for storage. Zune was worst gadget.

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TiPb Readers' Choice Awards: Announcing YOUR Best (and Worst!) of Everything iPhone!

Forget the Oscars, we've got the Steves! Okay, so we're not really calling them the Steves -- they're the TiPb Readers' Choice Awards, and while they won't let you watch Wolverine sing and dance, they won't consume 4+ hours of your life either. And hey, who needs best picture when we have best fart app? (No, don't worry, that's not an actual category -- this year!)

Right after New Year, and the TiPb Editors' Choice Awards, we began something far more important -- YOUR choices. We opened the forums up to nomination, and when we had our nominees, we let you have at the voting. And vote you did, rocketing your favorites to the very tops of the charts.

Well now the votes have been counted, the results are in, and TiPb is honored to present our Readers' Choice Awards...

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2008 TiPby iPhone Editors' Awards

Happy New Year and welcome to the iPhone blog's 2008 "TiPby Awards"! This year we're breaking them into two parts: Editors' Awards (below), and Reader's Choice (which is already underway in our forums and will wrap up later in the month). If you haven't voted yet, get on over to the forums and vote now. If you haven't guessed our Editors' Awards... Read on after the break!

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