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back to the future

Apple gets in on the 'Back to the Future Day' fun with help from Siri

It's Back to the Future Day, October 21, 2015, and Apple's gotten in on the fun with a little help from Siri. The virtual assistant will offer a number of fun responses when asked about the day.

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Jetpack Joyride speeds to Hill Valley with new Back to the Future update

Halfbrick's side-scrolling endless runner game Jetpack Joyride has added some new content based on the classic Back to the Future movies, including a way to drive the DeLorean Time Machine.

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Check out this nostalgia-inducing 'Back to the Future' DeLorean iPhone case

If 2015 is rustling up your Back to the Future nostalgia, you can now make your love for the film known to the world through none other than an iPhone case. Bandai recently unveiled a case for the iPhone 6 that is fashioned after the time-traveling DeLorean from the hit movie trilogy.

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Get the boards! HUVr Tech announces "real" hoverboard in hilarious, star-studded video

Since Back to the Future Part II debuted in 1989, many of have dreamed of owning our own hoverboard, and now an entity called HUVr Tech claims to have made that dream a reality. In a video featuring appearances from celebrities including Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, and Moby, HUVr demonstrates it's supposed gravity-battling skateboard, modeled after the ones found in the movies.

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Great Scott! Eyes on the Grays Sports Almanac limited edition case for iPad

Being a huge Back To The Future nerd, as soon as I saw this, I had to have it. On the one hand, it's another iPad case. On the other hand it's so much more than just another iPad case. This one is fashioned after one of the key elements of Back To The Future II, the Grays Sports Almanac. In the movie, Old Biff used it to change his own future. This one just takes good care of your iPad.

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Grab yourselves a copy of the Grays Sports Almanac for your iPad!

OK, so it's not the Grays Sports Almanac, instead we're looking at a limited edition iPad case available from UK retailer Firebox. But, the book is one of the most iconic props, from one of the most iconic movie trilogies of all time. And now, you can dress your iPad in that iconic sleeve.

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