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Best Of Spe

Best of Smartphone Experts, 17 Jan 2010

Best of Smartphone Experts, 3 Jan 2010

Last week was a good one as usual for SPE, but next week we'll be blowing the walls out for CES: expect plenty of CES coverage from all of our sites. This year we'll have our biggest team ever at the show and are pumped up. All that CES coverage means we'll be taking the week off from the Smartphone Round Robin (excepting another group podcast on The Cell Phone Junkie, stay tuned!).

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 27 Dec 2009

Best of Smartphone Experts, 20 Dec 2009

Week one of the Smartphone Round Robin is over and week two begins tomorrow. We've just scratched the surface here and already we've run the gamut from a Windows Mobile user examining webOS to a BlackBerry user having an encounter with the Droid. If you have a Smartphone need, we're pretty confident that the Round Robin will help you find out how to fill it.

We could go on, but there's egg nog to be spiked and presents to be wrapped, so hit up the updates page for a list of reviews by platform and hit this post up after the break for the best of Smartphone Experts this week.

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 13 Dec 2009

As we bring you the best of SPE for the past week, don't forget that starting Monday, we'll be starting the Smartphone Round Robin in earnest - with new hands-on videos on six sites. If you haven't already, go ahead a take a listen to our kick-off podcast hosted by The Cell Phone Junkie and take a tour of the Smartphone Round Robin website, where you can learn how to enter to win one of six smartphones we're giving away!

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 6 Dec 2009

Best of Smartphone Experts, 29 Nov 2009

Welcome to the Best of Smartphone Experts, catch-up edition. We've recovered from our tryptophan stupor (yeah, we know it's a myth) and are back with our favorite stories from the network.

Be sure you pay attention tomorrow morning - it's Cyber Monday and there's a 10% off coupon in the offing. Stay Tuned. :)

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 25 Oct 2009