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Apple TV magically appears on Amazon's best-selling gadget list

Apple TV is currently ranked in the number 12 position on Amazon's best-selling gadget list. What makes this so interesting is that Apple TV wasn't even listed at all until now, despite its sales numbers. When that was discovered and began to be questioned on several prominent online sites, the Apple TV magically showed up. (Amazon has yet to respond to questions on why Apple TV was originally excluded from their list.)

Also an interesting bit is that the competing Roku XDS and Boxee Box are also on the list, though below Apple TV's position.

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Apple's iPhone Market Share Still Growing, iPhone 3GS #2 US Best-Seller points us to comScore's latest stats showing Apple's iPhone market share is still on the way up, going from 24.1% to 25.3%, a 1.2% increase.

Google's Android, with its Droid on Verizon splash jumped 2.7% (to reach 5.2). Everyone else was in the negative, with RIM down 1% (though still huge at 41.6%), Microsoft down 1% (to 18%), and Palm down 2.2% (to 2.7%).

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Japans Best Selling Phone - iPhone 3GS

According to market research company Gfk and their recent survey, it seems like Japan has fallen in love with the iPhone 3GS. So much so that in the month of July, the good people there have made Apple's 32GB iPhone 3GS the most popular cell phone in all of Japan.

Here is how the rest of the top 10 shakes out.

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