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iPad mini has advanced software to detect unintended touches around the screens bezel

Apple officially announced the iPad mini at its special media event yesterday and one of the things that stands out on the iPad mini is the thinness of the bezel surrounding the screen. if you compare the new iPad with the iPad mini, you can see in portrait mode that the bezel on the left and right hand side is much slimmer on the iPad mini.

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iPhone 5 design images leaked, bigger screen with the same design as iPhone 4?

Another iPhone 5 rumor has surfaced overnight and again it is emanating from a Chinese site that claims to have some engineering diagrams of the iPhone 5.

The images resemble the current iPhone 4 with the exception of the screen. The screen appears larger and takes up most of the front face with an extremely slim bezel. The images do resemble a previous leak of the front panel which many claimed were fake.

We just got what appears to be mold engineering drawings for iPhone 5. These would be used by case designers to create plastic, TPU, aluminum, silicone and leather cases. A while back we hear rumors that iPhone 5 would have a curved back but these images show iPhone 5 with the same form factor as iPhone 4 but with an edge to edge screen.

It is certainly not unusual for case manufacturers to receive information in advance of a new Apple product launch. We have recently seen iPad 2 information leaked in a similar way and turn out to be accurate.

We don’t know if this is real at this stage but the idea of a larger screen in a similar sized form factor is very appealing. There are a few more images after the break; take a look, then let us know what you think? Would you like a larger screen without a dramatic increase in the size of the device?

[iDeals China via MacRumors]

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iPhone 5 part leaked,looks like it may have a larger screen?

A supposed image of an iPhone 5 part has appeared on Chinese reseller’s website. The image in question looks like the digitizer panel for the iPhone 5. The design is similar to the one used on the current iPhone 4 however it appears to have a larger screen. These assumptions however are not scientific as no measurements have been released with the image.

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Regarding that Leaked Black "iPhone" Bezel...

Turns out that leaked black bezel that made the internet rounds prior to the iPhone 3GS' rounds was... actually for a Creative Zii Egg. Says CNET Asia provides the picture, and MacRumors the short version:

The Zii Egg is a multi-touch iPod touch-like device that runs Google's Android operating system. The device, though, bears a strong resemblance to the leaked bezel images, suggesting that it had simply been mislabeled all along.

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Next Generation iPhone: Black Bezel, LCD Screen?, which sells iPhone parts reportedly directly from the factory, has thrown up some images and ordering options for 3rd generation iPhone bevels and screens.

If they're to be believed, the iPhone loses its silvery-chrome outer ring for a black band (as previously rumored?) that seems to indicate Apple will be moving things around a tad -- functionally as well as cosmetically?

Bad news for OLED hopefuls, as Gizmodo says the purported screen is still LCD, though iLounge points out it's price is double that of the 3G screen ($73 vs. $35). Hmm...

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in, for the catch, and for the (translated) head's up!]

More pics after the break!

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