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Taking the Vader-black iPhone to full-on Blackout!

When Apple first showed off the new, unibody slate and black iPhone 5, I referred to it as Vader black. I liked the look so much, I escalated it by going retro-black with my Lock screen and Home screen wallpapers. Then, when AnoStyle was announced, I immediately wanted to take it one step further. I wanted the Blackout look you see on high-end watches and cars. Problem was, AnoStyle didn't offer black anodization. Not yet, at least...

So I bugged Ally and her Ano-Ninja accomplice, Rob, and volunteered to be test subject zero for their first-ever Blackout iPhone 5. And as you can see from the results above and below, they did not fail to delight.

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iPhone 5 black out: Going dark on wallpaper

After using Twitterrific 5 for a only few hours, and its dark-as-in-black theme, I exited the the app and immediately found my default iOS wallpaper... distracting. So, I whipped up a solid black 1136x640 PNG file, saved it to camera roll, and applied to both my Home screen and Lock screen as a "wallpaper". And now I'm in love with the look. All over again.

Here's why...

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