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Blog vs. Blog: Is Steve Leaving Apple? Giz Says Yes! DF Says Nope!

During Tuesday's "Spotlight on Notebooks" Keynote, Steve Jobs wasn't the only jean-and-dark-shirt uniformed Apple exec on stage. COO Time Cook took an unusual turn, discussing Mac business. SVP of Design, Jonathan Ive, an even more unusual presence in front of the audience, introduced the new "brick" unibody concept. And Marketing VP Phil Schiller -- who's no stranger to Keynotes -- took part in the Q&A at the end.

It wasn't all Steve, all the time.

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iPhone 2G vs. Blackberry Bold(ish) Browser "Battle"

The iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Bold will certainly be pitted against each other in the days to come, so when we saw a so-called Browser battle between the two, we promptly grabbed our popcorn and got ready to watch the rumble...

...Only to find out it was an original iPhone 2G vs. what looks like a pre-release, buggy-ROM'd, poorly connected Bold. Talk about going from showdown to letdown!

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Blog vs. Blog: Thurrott/Dilger MobileMe Pundit-palooza!

What's better than a couple of well versed, well argued technologists presenting deeply reasoned and sharply insightful, fundamentally different but equally challenging, views on a critical topic? Well... nothing. They're just hard to find given the intertube collective's penchant for rewarding punditry and link baiting. Sometimes, however, we're lucky enough to find a mix of both knowledge and provocation.

Cases in point: here were have noted Windows Super-Siter, Paul Thurrott, and accomplished Roughly-Drafted Apple Insider Prince McLean each presenting their own unique, multi-part perspectives on MobileMe.

Ready for the blow-by-blow? Continued after the break!

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Blog vs. Blog: Chuq Sheds Light on Daring Fireball/GigaOm MobileMe-nia

C'mon. A day without a MobileMe post is like a day without rain. Or something. So after yesterday's John Gruber vs. Om Malik showdown, former Apple insider Chuq Von Rospach has strapped on the gloves and joined the fray -- in impressive fashion.

Says Chuq, after joking that Jobs is likely walking the MobileMe halls with a flame thrower round about now:

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