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Google Voice Bookmarklet Updated to Convert Address Book

David from ironicsans sent word that his genius Google Voice bookmarklet for iPhone Safari has been given a fairly awesome update:

Now there's a script people can run (with instructions) that will convert your entire Address Book into Google Voice Speed Dial bookmarklets. It saves them to an html file that can be imported into Safari Bookmarks, rearranged or edited however you like, and then synced with the iPhone. Easy.

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Want Easy Google Voice Access on Your iPhone? Go Old School with a Bookmarklet!

David over at ironicsans shared this little piece of inspired genius with us: Google Voice Speed Dial Bookmarklet Generator.

Bookmarklets are little snippets of JavaScript saved as bookmarks that, before there were apps on the iPhone, did all sorts of wonderful things (editor emeritus Mike Overbo whipped up a smorgasbord of them a couple years back). Since Google Voice apps are currently forbidden in the App Store, David's solution works similar wonders for them:

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iPhone Pro Tips: Find Text in Safari with Javascript Bookmarklet

If you're browsing the web on a PC, you can just hit CTRL-F or CMD-F and quickly find any text on a webpage. It's great for finding things fast, especially on long reams of text, and Safari does a nice job of it -- just not Mobile Safari on the iPhone, not yet.

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In Case You Missed It: Bookmarklets

We're running a new series here at TiPb (Titanium Powerbook? No, The iPhone Blog!) that brings older but still relevant/interesting/noteworthy articles, reviews, and blog posts back into the forefront of the discussion. Hopefully, we'll be able to uncover some great articles that you might have missed and offer further insight on everyone's favorite toy.

Also, it'll help transition our still new merger, PhoneDifferent fans will get a taste of TiPb writing and TiPb readers will catch up with what has happened in the PhoneDifferent world! Think of it as a blog within a blog or for the metaphorically inclined, dinnertime stories at a big happy family reunion..

Today, we'll bring back the topic of Bookmarklets. Mike Overbo, our Editor Emeritus, found that Bookmarklets extend the reach and capabilities of the iPhone's Safari browser. Essentially, Bookmarklets are small computer applications stored as a URL on your bookmarks bar. Examples would include a Find feature, IMDB search, eBay search, etc.

To use these Bookmarklets, simply store them to your iPhone's bookmarks and when you are in need of, say a quick Wikipedia search, open that particular Bookmarklet and it'll prompt you with a direct search screen rather than waiting for the page to open up. I use Bookmarklets everyday to quicken my online searching (darn that EDGE), take a look and see if there is anything you can use!

Read On For The Rest of the Links!

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iPhone Password Manager: A Challenger Appears

figure 1: the most important feature is highlighted

There's another password manager on the scene, and this one looks to be the most secure version that I've seen. 1Password is a mac-only application, so there unfortunately isn't a password manager I could securely recommend to Windows iPhone users yet. The application has a little button that sends an encrypted bookmarklet to Safari that you can then sync to your iPhone. You can open the bookmarklet and view your passwords with a master password that you assign within 1Password.

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Bookmarklet / Favelet Smorgasbord

So, yeah. Favelets and bookmarklets. In the podcast, I promised a review article about useful bookmarklets and favelets, for the iPhone. And here it is.

I've written a few simple bookmarklets as well; it seems a lot of the bookmarklets are designed for web editors, and not always so much for the average web user. I'm guessing that not many regular folks need to edit CSS from the iPhone, and those that do already have those bookmarklets synched over. But still, there's a void for popular sites. It seemed that all I found were eBay, Amazon, and Google sites. So I set out to make a few of my own, and edit a few others so that they'd work on iPhone Safari (henceforth, iSafari).

If you have any requests for a custom bookmarklet, put them in the comments. It has to be said that I make no guarantees that I can make the resulting request as I'm not an expert with javascript by any means, but the worst that can happen is that I say no. Okay, that's not the worst that can happen. The worst is that I say no VERY IMPOLITELY.

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