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Box Office

Box Office Now Playing (Again) in the App Store

Box Office is back. Only it's been rebranded as Now Playing. Only you can't find Now Playing in the App Store. But you can find Box Office. In iTunes. But not on the iPhone. Sorta.

Confusing much? We're right there with you. We figure the name change is messing with the search systems, which will hopefully sort themselves out shortly. In any event...

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State of the Apps: Ad Hoc Distro and Beta Testing, a Call For Review Sanity, and NDA All About Patents?

For the last week or so I've been beta testing a well known iPhone application. Beta testing involves using the 100 iPhone "Ad Hoc" distribution method first outlined at WWDC 2008. I was planning on writing up the process, and my experiences being involved in it (all straightforward, all great -- all definitely far more work for developers than testers) when, thankfully for all involved, one of the foremost iPhone devs, Craig Hockenberry of Twitteriffic fame, went and did it the way it should be done.

Interested in Ad Hoc distribution and how iPhone beta testing works? Get you to reading over at his site,

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Apple Pulls Box Office from App Store?

Box Office is missing. No, we're not talking about the gross from the latest Eddie Murphy "film", we're talking about the iPhone App. While NetShare remains in its very own little Schrodinger's App box, some carriers' (AT&T, Rogers, etc.) prohibition against tethering and Nullriver's roots makes the drama at least somewhat fathomable. What about Box Office?

Box Office is (was?) an App that used either manually entered or CoreLocation derived positional information to show you a list of theaters and movies playing within a user-definable radius (e.g. 10 miles). Users could "favorite" certain theaters to bump them to the top, and quickly click through the RottenTomatoes or MetaCrytic reviews, movie information, etc. In other words, it was a useful piece of software in the otherwise incredibly high noise to signal ratio (i.e. CrApps to quality) the initial App Store land rush has given us.

And now it's gone.

Yup. For the last couple days, clicking on the Box Office link returns an iTunes error saying the app is not available in (your country) store. Posting on the MacRumors forums, developer Metasyntactic, claims not to know why it was pulled either (after the jump):

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