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Boy Genius Report

Crazy Rumor Tuesday: Touch Screen Remote for New Apple TV?

Is Apple planning a larger, touch-screen enabled remote control to go along with a next generation Apple TV? Boy Genius' tipster, the same one who leaked iTunes 9 app organization and social integration, says yes indeed. And if the image above is accurate, one of the updates will be -- Safari. (No sign of Apps yet, though...)

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Attack of the iClones Blog vs. Blog Edition: Crackberry/Boy Genius Haptic Thunder NERDFIGHT!

Sure, the iPhone 3G launch is tomorrow. Consider this an amuse bouche. Or the opposite of that, an annoy bouche. Whatever. Something salty to make Friday taste all the more sweet!

The subject of today's battle royal? Nope, not iPhone vs. Blackberry. That's old. This time it's Blackberry vs. Blackberry, Blog vs. Blog, over the iClone to end all iClones: the touchscreen Blackberry Thunder!

Says our sister site, 10th degree Blackberry belts and reigning world champions:

Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Keyboard To Utilize Haptic Technology... AMAZING Implementation! [...] Leave it to RIM to CRACK the touchscreen keyboard nut.

Says Boy Genius Report, craftiest of all mobile blogsphere Ninja:

The keyboard is incredibly annoying to type on, and the screen actually shows ripples even when pressed ever-so-lightly. [...] Most of the people who have handled it thinks itโ€™s a joke.

Read on for round 2!

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More iPhone Un-boxing! Boy Genius Gives With the Gallery!

First it was Portugal and now... The Boy Genius Report? Johnny New Zealand just can't keep his #1 spot in line, now can he?

Citing the ever-mythical Ninja as their source, the suddenly plural sounding Boys Genius claim:

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