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Thou shalt have no brand before Twitter

Tweetbot just updated to support Twitter's 1.1 API, and to partially support Twitter's new interface display guidelines. Come March 5, the old version of the app will stop working, and if you want to keep accessing Twitter, you'll have to do it with the new app, with it's new, more standardized look. Tweetbot won't be alone. Right now, every Twitter app designer is likely wrestling with the same problem -- how to conform to Twitter's new guidelines without losing what makes their app distinct, how to compromise without sacrificing what makes them special.

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Steve Jobs in shorts, on branding - Think Different [video]

A younger, leggier Steve Jobs briefly schools the industry on how to do iconic, emotional branding by way of introducing the classic Think Different campaign.

Video after the break.

[Digital Daily via 9to5Mac]

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What Will Apple's Next Generation iPhone 2,1 be Called?

I was hoping Apple's third generation iPhone -- widely expected to be announced at WWDC 2009 -- would have a huge screen and lend itself perfectly to the name iPhone HD. After all, Apple has been promoting HD a lot lately with their iTunes offerings.

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