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BugMe! Stickies for iPhone and iPad review

BugMe! Stickies is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you create notes that resemble the popular, square, colorful sticky notes that we're all familiar with. You can use these stickies to create text or handwritten notes, set alarms and reminders, and even download stationary-like stickies that can be used to send notes to your friends.

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BugMe! updated, now universal app for iPhone and iPad

BugMe!, the ā€œOriginal Sticky Note App,ā€ has received a nice little update and now offers a universal binary for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In case you are unfamiliar with BugMe!, here is a quick description:

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Quick App: BugMe! for iPhone

One of my favorite apps from my days using Palm OS was BugMe! Back in the day, itĀ offeredĀ functionality that the Palm OS did not have in its Memo/Notes applications. You can pick up BugMe in the app store for a deal [$0.99 -Ā iTunes Link]. Let's take a look at what BugMe! For iPhone has to offer.

BugMe! is setup to have aĀ cork board-like interface where you can stick your notes and rearrange them in any order you like. Ā From the launch screen you can view andĀ rearrangeĀ your notes as you want by tapping and holding. You can tap the "New Note" button to create a new note. Once created, you have several options available to you:

  • Ink or eraser
  • Change inkĀ thickness
  • Change note color and add an image to the note
  • Share note (email, Twitter, Home Screen, Photo Album)
  • Alarm

One of the innovative features with this release is the ability to take a note and send it to your home screen. Typically, this is done via the "+" at the bottom of a webpage. How does BugMe! do it? If you decided to share your note Ā to the home screen, the app sends the image to the web on BugMe!'s servers. This then allows you to save the note to your home screen. Once saved, it will take you to the web interface, it does not take you back to the BugMe! app; disappointing.

Another nice feature is the ability to set custom alarms with push notifications. This can come in really handy if you jot down a quick note and need to be reminded later.

I Ā like this 1.x release of BugMe!. It is simple and fun, but lacksĀ someĀ features such as resizable notes (ya just can't fit in a lot of theĀ releaseĀ given, even with a smaller ink size) and options to not size-to-fit images you place on a note. Other than that, if you are looking for a simple ink note app for your iPhone, BugMe! fits the bill! Lots of pictures after the break!

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