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Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Snow Leopard Server Not Playing Nicely with iPhone?

Ars Technica puts font to screen explaining how, even after the jump to version 10.5 Snow Leopard (and several updates), Apple's own Mac OS X Server still fails to integrate push notification and other compatibility for the iPhone:

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iTunes App Store "Release Date" Sorting Sorta Broken?

Swing by the iTunes App Store, pick a category, and get/go to the Sort by: Release Date listing and it may look like Apple hasn't added any new iPhone and iPod touch apps since November 19 -- only they have, and it's just the iTunes listings that are broken.

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Intel Responds to Busted iPhone Sync on Windows 7 with P55 Express Chipset

A few days ago we mentioned issues users were reporting about iPhone Sync being busted on Windows 7 with Intel P55 express chipset. Microsoft said they were looking into it, but now Intel has issued a statement. CNet has the quote and the background:

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iPhone Sync Busted on Windows 7 with Intel P55 Chipset

According to The Register, if you're running Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 7, and your PC has an Intel P55 Express chipset, you're in for a whole of iPhone sync hurt:

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iPhone Cellular Network Data Meter Dialed Down After Reboot?

Bla1ze brought this to our attention and while we're likely not the first to notice this, we haven't found or figured a good answer for it either. If you have a low data usage on your iPhone (in the MBs rather than GBs) and you do a reboot, when your iPhone comes back up, the Cellular Network Data meter will be lower.

Above are two screen shots taken right before and right after a reboot, which show the difference.

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iPhone 2.1 Bug Watch: SMS Security and Mail Phishing/Spamming

Reader Karl writes in to let us know his twelve year old son discovered a glitch in SMS security:

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Cellular Data Meter a Little Untrustworthy?

tsopanos emails in and points us to this iPhone Hellas story. Yes, it is literally Greek to us (groan), so here's a Google Translation.

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Google Translate Won't "Leave Me Alone"?

So Dieter wrote up a review of Google Translate's shiny new, iPhone optimized WebApp, and it intrigued me enough to check it out. Since I live in Montreal, French was the first language I decided to try out. Since I'm damaged and have issues that would make Lucy jack her price up to 50 cents, the very first thing I tried to translate was: "leave me alone."

And what did Google Translate's WebApp say "leave me alone" was in French? "leave me alone". Oui-mais-wha?

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TiPb Faithful: How's 2.0.1 Treating You?

So it's been a day since 2.0.1 was made available and we at TiPb would like to know how it's been running on your iPhone. Did this bug-fixer of an update actually fix any bugs? Or are we all getting suckered into believing that the update has made things snappier? Pains in the update process? Backups faster? Apps Crashing? Or are things just less sucky? Maybe you completely avoided the update..anything and everything, we want to know!

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