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The iPhone 5 can really take a fall

No sooner had people got their hands on the iPhone 5 did they gleefully chuck it to the ground to see how well it could take a drop. Two impact tests are already showing that the iPhone 5 is a tough little cookie, thanks in no small part by the lack of a glass rear like that on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

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iPhone 4S faces off against Samsung Galaxy S3 in drop test

Is your inner gadget sadist just dying to see an iPhone 4S pitted against the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 in a drop test? If so, you're in luck -- and the two phones, decidedly, are not. SquareTrade, a third-party electronics warranty provider, did the deed and here are the results.

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TiPb Retorts: Customers are Smarter than the Average Phone

Time Magazine has an interesting article up on Apple's ongoing success with the iPhone in not only a poor economy, but in face of competition like Nokia, Palm, Sony/Ericsson, etc. doing badly, even when they offer much cheaper alternatives.

BlackBerry is enjoying similar success with their higher end products, leading Time to speculate that it's based on brand, a multi-factor and mysterious currency that companies spend fortunes earning so they can make even greater fortunes exploiting:

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From the Forums: Will You Purchase the Next iPhone?, Podcast Playlist?, Battery Life, iPhone 3G Bulid Quality

The forums are seeing a lot of action as of late and today is more of the same!

The rumor mills are just getting started about the next generation iPhone and you can expect that to increase by the day. Knowing that a new Apple phone is only 5-6 months away, will you be purchasing the next iPhone? Be sure to get your vote in and let us know why or why not!

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