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AL13 aerospace grade aluminum bumper arrives on Kickstarter, protect your iPhone without spoiling its looks

We have seen many different bumper designs for the iPhone but we have never seen one as thin and simplistic as this one. The AL13 is currently seeking pledges on Kickstarter and looks to offer protection for your iPhone without adding much bulk or spoiling its beautiful design either.

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Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED bumper for iPhone

Apple has added a (PRODUCT) RED option to their usual selection of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S bumpers, available through the Apple Store. Other than the color and the charity associated with it, and with which Apple has had a longstanding relationship, the bumper is identical to the previous colors first launched with the iPhone 4 in 2010 and updated for compatibility in 2011.

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DracoDesign Draco IV for iPhone 4

The DracoDesign Draco IV for iPhone 4 is all curves and industrial grade aluminum. Co-developed by Dëff, handcrafted, and 3D, 5-axis machine CNC'd by DracoDesign, they're yet another example of hypercar aesthetic made iPhone case. And this one is Veyron sexy.

Like other aluminum bumpers, with the Draco IV there's some assembly required. It's a little fiddly, so take your time (or if you're all thumbs like me, get someone with a far more skillful touch to do it for you). You place sleep/wake, ringer/vibrate, and volume pass-through keys into one half of the aluminum bumper, slide your iPhone 4 into place, cap it with the other half of the bumper, and then secure it into place with 2 screws. (They provide additional screws in case you lose one and don't have a magnetic iPad 2 handy to sweep for them.)

The fit and finish of the bumper is superlative. The button pass-throughs do wiggle slightly but work perfectly and many might prefer them to trying to press inside deep cutouts. The curves of the chassis take some getting used to at first. They're gorgeous but they're very different to the flat sides iPhone 4 comes with. The first time you hold it as a camera, for example, you'll double-check your finger position a few times to make sure your grip is secure. Then you won't worry about it again. The bumper rises ever so slightly above the front and back surfaces of iPhone 4 so you can lay it flat without worrying about scuffing the glass. And the aluminum is almost deceptively solid given the silky smooth finish.

In the 8 days that I've been testing my review unit, I had no loss of signal or reception problems with it at all. Everything worked as good as it looked. In addition to the Space Black version featured in the pictures above and below, the Draco IV also comes in Ocean Blue, Passion Red, Metallic Gray, and limited edition Champaign Gold and Astro Silver.

If you're on the market for a high-end, premium iPhone 4 case, and you like curves, the Draco IV should be on your short list.

[Draco Design]

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iPhone 4 - From the Forums

After the release of iPhone 4 the forums are naturally a great place to talk, commiserate, celebrate, get help, and offer advice to your fellow iPhone 4 users. In order to create a new thread of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is easy and free so if you haven’t already head on over and register now!

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