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Business Model

Google Paying Carriers to Go Android, Apple Still Charging for iPhone

Well technically Google seems to be sharing revenue generated from services like Search, Gmail, Maps, etc. with their carrier and manufacturing partners to incentivize their "going Android". If rumors of Apple making a cool $100,000,000 a year from Google for iPhone search are any indicator, the money may be nothing to sneeze at either.

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Shocking! Repetitive! Higher iTunes Music Prices Slowed Sales

When iTunes Music went DRM-free and "hits" jumped from $0.99 to $1.29 stories soon followed that the higher price point was leading to slower sales... and now that iBooks and publishers aim to increase eBook sales from $9.99 to up to $14.99, MediaMemo is telling them to "beware!":

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Google Nexus One Phone Priced at $530 Unlocked, $180 on 2-year T-Mobile Contract?

If the internets are to be believed, Google is setting pricing on their HTC built new Nexus One Android flagship smartphone at $529.99 unlocked, or $179.99 if you take it alongside a 2-year, $80 a month T-Mobile contract. Here are the deets:

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How Important is iPhone to Apple's Business? And Who Thinks it Stinks?

How important is the iPhone to Apple's business going forward? See the chart above, prepared by Fortune. Up from 5.7% in 2008 to 18.5% in 2009.

We're going to say "very" and "increasingly". Daring Fireball highlights how Apple goes about ensuring that "increasingly" part, riffing off The Loop's reminder of when Apple killed the iPod mini at the hight of its popularity and replaced it with the iPod nano:

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2012: End of the World for iPhone Marketshare?

Could Apple's iPhone be destined for 3rd place in smartphone marketshare by 2012, trailing Nokia/Symbian's 39% and Google Android's 14.5% with a paltry 13.7%? That's what some analysts at Gartner are telling ComputerWorld, with Nokia already in the global lead, and Google's wallet, cloud-services, rapid iteration of the OS, and variety of form-factors and UIs from multiple manufacturers. Rounding out the other players are Windows Mobile with 12.8%, RIM BlackBerry with 12.5%, various Linux mobiles with a collective 5.4%, and Palm webOS with 2.1%.

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Apple iPhone is a Restaurant, Not a Super Market, and They Should Say So on the Sign

In light of today's response by Apple to the FCC about the Google Voice rejection, and anticipating the likely, negative reaction it will engender, I'm again left thinking that Apple and their iPhone are closer akin to a restaurant, not a super market.

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iPhone and MobileMe: Apple's Picks for Getting Your Best Pics

More a cameo than a starring role, never the less the iPhone and MobileMe feature in Apple's latest marketing campaign "Get the most from your Mac: Our picks for getting your best pics":

Let friends download full-resolution images. Enjoy your own online gallery where you can share photos and videos. Let friends download your photos and upload their best shots. You can even publish and view photos directly from your iPhone. Visit a live sample gallery now.

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The Great iPhone App Store Profit Debate

Venture Partners guestimated, based on a survey from O'Reilly, that Apple has made "only" $20-$45 million from their 30% cut of App Store revenue since the service launched in July 2008.

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Hockenberry on App Store, Being "Trendy", and Why NOT to Delay for Extra Features

As many of us eagerly wait for Twitterrific 2.0 to hit the iTunes App Store, developer Craig Hockenberry has provided an interesting insight into the mind -- and strategy -- behind one of the most high-profile development houses in Apple-dom. Says Hockenberry on being Trendy:

As software developers we often fall into the “just one more feature” trap. We want a 1.0 release to be awesome, and that one more thing will only take a day or two, and people will love it, so why not?

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The 7-Day $0.99 AppStore Pricing Experiment

Take your $5+ apps and put them on sale for $0.99 for a week, and see if cheap really does make it up on volume, and what do you get? Aside from a lot of iPhone media attention, pretty much a wash according the AppCubby:

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