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Bell and Telus to Launch the iPhone in Canada Next Month?

TiPb, among others, has been hearing rumors for months now that Bell and Telus' new GSM-based HSPA network would be up and running by November, and that the iPhone would follow along immediately there after. Nice to see some confirmation via Canadian stalwart, the Globe and Mail, however:

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Skype Taken Over Canadian App Store Categories?

Yes, the Canadian App Store Categories tab really is all-Skype, all the time and has been for me since just after iPhone 3.1 launched last Wednesday (and no, the irony isn't lost on us). Since App Store is fed by the web, I figured Apple would realize it and fix whatever feed needed fixing, but so far no such luck.

I tried TUAW's workaround -- switching to the US App Store an back, but iTunes intercepted me saying I couldn't change stores until I'd spent whatever iTunes credit I had left in my account, and my rentals expired (I don't currently have any rentals -- the only one expired last weekend).

So I'm back to hoping Apple realizes it and fixes it, but if anyone does come up with a repeatable user-end fix, do let all of us Canadians know in the comments.

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Skype for iPhone Now Available in Canada

Skype [free - iTunes link], which debuted for the rest of the world back in March, is finally available for iPhone and iPod touch users in Canada. What took so long?

A "territorial restriction" over the licensing of a single, solitary audio codec used to play sound from Skype on the iPhone. No, we [secret Canadian curse word] you not. That's it, and it's been resolved, so go get it!

Of course, it's still not good news all around, as SkypeIn remains locked out of Canada du

[CBC iPhoneinCanada]

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Rogers Canada to Start Selling 8GB iPhone 3GS?

Boy Genius is reporting several tips on this, so it looks likely that Rogers in Canada is getting ready to launch an 8GB iPhone 3GS. Why? They proffer:

Maybe the iPhone 3G stock is finally sold out and Apple will quietly (or not quietly) replace the $99 model iPhone with an 8GB 3GS?

This appeal to anyone? How about to anyone who jumped on the $99 16GB iPhone 3G already?

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Rogers/Fido Canada Extend 6GB/$30 Data "Promotion" to September 15

Rogers dropped us a note to let us know they've extended their 6GB/$30 data plan, first introduced last year with the iPhone 3G and re-introduced this year with the Android Dream and Magic, and the iPhone 3GS, until September 15. So, if you have a qualifying phone like the iPhone, and you want ungodly amounts of data usage -- and you haven't already -- make sure you add the 6GB/$30 promo to your plan ASAP. (Especially with free tethering still on until December 31, 2009).

While we've heard Canadian iPhone supplies still can't keep up with demand, Rogers says:

Rolling inventory of the iPhone 3GS is on its way, and back orders are being filled for customers on a priority basis.

(And no, no official word yet on when Bell or Telus' HSPA network will be functionally rolled out, nor when they will begin offering the iPhone 3GS, but we can't help but think increased competition is great for consumers -- and for the networks, witness Rogers beginning to test 21Mbps HSPA+).

Full Rogers/Fido iPhone upgrade options repeated after the break...

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Rogers Canada Roundup: Q2 Financial Results, Out of Stock, and 21Mbps HSPA+ Testing

A Canadian buffet of Rogers news today, with Q2 financial results, an update on the current out-of-stock situation at Rogers, Fido, and Apple Canada, and the beginning of an HSPA+ super-fast 3G rollout.

First up, Bloomberg (via MDN) reports that Rogers that ARPU (average revenue per user) was down $1.47 as customers curbed long-distance and travel, while total sales rose 3.1%. As to the iPhone in particular, the introduction of the iPhone 3GS and $99 price point for the iPhone 3G helped Rogers add 148,000 subscribers this quarter.

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Telus and Bell Going HSPA, Hungry for iPhone 3GS in Canada?

BGR served up a rumor that Telus in Canada was getting the iPhone 3GS in October. How will a CDMA carrier get the GSM iPhone? Simple, as mentioned last year, Telus has partnered with Bell to expand their CDMA network by adding in HSPA. That means Bell Mobility could support the iPhone 3GS as well, and the rumor's TiPb's hearing is they just might (though exact timing will of course depend on how fast they get HSPA up and running).

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Rogers Customers: Prepare for a Long Wait. Everybody Else: Smile

Above, customers at the Montreal Apple Store wait for Rogers to get their systems working

Upgrading to an iPhone 3G S in Canada? We feel for you, and we fear we're going to continue to feel for you for a healthy portion of the day. Last year there were activation backlogs and hang-ups all over, but it was especially egregious in Canada, where people were waiting for half the day for Rogers' system to get up and happy and talking with Apple's system.

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iPhone 3G S (Finally!) Available via Apple Retail Canada

Up until now, the only places to get iPhone 3G in Canada were Rogers and their subsidiary Fido. Apple Retail Stores didn't carry them.

Friday, with the introduction of the iPhone 3G S, that changes. Per Apple mailing:

Available at the Apple Retail Store June 19th. Stores open at 8:00am.

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