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Shortcovers a Kindle/E-Book Competitor for Canadians?

Our best frenemy forever, CrackBerry.com's Kevin sent us word that Canadians currently excluded from all the Amazon Kindle E-Book app goodness may just have an alternative. Seems Chapters/Indigo (think Barnes and Nobles with maple syrup, eh?) is getting into the game, and onto the devices, with a new service called Shortcovers.

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iTunes Gift Certificates Not Accepted at Canadian App Store

You can't use an iTunes gift certificate to buy applications on the Canadian App Store. I've experienced this myself, but never really looked into it before now. But it's true. There's even a thread about it on Apple's Discussion Board.

Highlights include the difference in iTunes App Store Terms of Service between the US:

"10. PAYMENT METHODS. The Service accepts credit cards, payment through your PayPal account, and iTunes Cards, iTunes Store Gift Certificates, and Allowance Account balances as forms of payment."

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UPDATED AGAIN: Rogers [Denies They're Going] to Launch 4G LTE in Time for 2010 Vancouver Olympics

UPDATED AGAIN: BGR is sticking by their story. Interesting times, eh?

UPDATE: We just received an email from Rogers stating:

"While we generally don't comment on speculation or rumour, this posting is not accurate. Rogers was involved in no such call."

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iPhone in Canada: Rogers Sold 255K iPhones Last Quarter!

Okay, fair enough, it's not the nearly 7 million iPhones our big United Statesian brothers to the south consumed in the last quarter, but for a market the size of Canada's (where it is cold and we must work hard just to survive...), 255,000 iPhones moved is EPIC.

Says Electronista:

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iPhone 3G in Canada: FutureShop Soon Selling?

FutureShop is actually owned by Best Buy (which is why they typically build the stores across the street from each other -- nothing like being your own competition!), so when their big US brother started selling the iPhone 3G, we supposed it was only a matter of time before Canada got some big box love. Says MacNN:

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iPhone 3G in Canada: Rogers Extends $30/6GB to Sept. 30 + New (and Nasty) Data Plans

My fellow Canadians, if you're already enjoying the virtually "unlimited" goodness and peace of mind that comes with Rogers reluctant, 11th hour $30/6GB promotional plan, then there's nothing to see here. Your rate is good for the length of your contract.

If you haven't jumped on the "deal" yet, however, remember that the plan is set to expire Aug. 31. Or it was... Rogers seems to have extended it -- slightly -- to Sept. 30.

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iPhone 3G in Canada Two Weeks Later: Bell and Telus to go iPhone Friendly GSM?!

Like much of the rest of the world, iPhones remain in short supply in Canada and with 20 more countries launching in a few weeks, its hard to imagine that changing anytime soonish. (Though if you visit Apple's newly launched, and first Canadian Flagship Store in Montreal, they'll have live music, let you play with demos, and learn tips from the Apple Specialists, b'okay?)

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iPhone 3G in Canada: One Week Later

Thanks to Will for the video!

I got to my local Rogers (corporate owned) store way early, and was immediately nervous upon seeing tons of cars. They were filled with senior citizens -- strange iPhone demographic, I thought. When the doors to the mall opened at 7am, the seniors raced in. Near jog, no joke. I thought I'd end up behind a ton of angry, eager iPhone golden oldies, but a funny thing happened: they raced right on past Rogers. Turns out they jog/power walk/amble about there every morning. Who knew?

One week later, and how are things now? I just got my first bill (wow, that was faster than 3G!). $30/6GB data, $35 Mega My 5, $15 Visual Voice Mail Value Pack, $35 activation fee, plus crazy Canadian taxes. $124. (Plus the initial $299 for the 16GB handset...)

But what else is going on in my home and native land? Read on to find out!

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UPDATED! iPhone 3G in Canada: Regarding Rumors of Rogers Billing for WiFi...

UPDATE: More confusion! Stylemonkey in the comments below says Rogers claims not to be doing this when he called in over the phone. However, I spoke to a couple more Rogers reps and they're still insisting they're being told Rogers will bill for WiFi use, perplexingly by using the EMEI number of you phone. While they say Rogers can't tell data usage this way, they can tell WiFi is being used, and will bill based on time. Ridiculous? Sounds like it. But what's even more ridiculous is Rogers telling this to (some of?) their stores and people in the field. Crazy!


So I was waiting in line at a Rogers store yesterday when the staff came out and said that if we didn't take the Rogers' iPhone specific plans, anytime we used WiFi it would be counted towards our custom plans (like the newly announced $30/6GB promo). They said that even though the iPhone would show WiFi, it would still count down (crazy fast) 3G data, and we'd only find out come bill time when charges came in. One of them said they were waiting on clarification from Rogers. Another said this was what Apple wanted and implemented. (Yeah, I know... I'm just repeating the comments).

We didn't run the story then because we couldn't get any confirmation of the rumor, but now other reports of people being told the same thing at different Rogers stores has turned up.

Read on for more!

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