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Rogers Customers: Prepare for a Long Wait. Everybody Else: Smile

Above, customers at the Montreal Apple Store wait for Rogers to get their systems working

Upgrading to an iPhone 3G S in Canada? We feel for you, and we fear we're going to continue to feel for you for a healthy portion of the day. Last year there were activation backlogs and hang-ups all over, but it was especially egregious in Canada, where people were waiting for half the day for Rogers' system to get up and happy and talking with Apple's system.

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iPhone 3G S (Finally!) Available via Apple Retail Canada

Up until now, the only places to get iPhone 3G in Canada were Rogers and their subsidiary Fido. Apple Retail Stores didn't carry them.

Friday, with the introduction of the iPhone 3G S, that changes. Per Apple mailing:

Available at the Apple Retail Store June 19th. Stores open at 8:00am.

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Best Buy Canada Rogers/Fido Off-Contract iPhone 3G S Pricing -- $699/$799

Yeah. Ouch. But that's what BGR's Canadian ninja are reporting. These are Best Buy inventory prices, but it's hard to imagine Rogers/Fido stores charging less what with the exchange rate and typically Canadian shipping overages added.

Any Canadians (besides me) lining up for an off-contract iPhone 3G S this Friday? Does the price change things? How about those of you getting the full subsidy? Happier now?

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Updated! Rogers/Fido to Sell iPhone 3G S in Canada, $199/$299 on June 19

Okay, I take back 13% of all the bad things I've ever said about Rogers. The Social Media Rep for Rogers/Fido, Keith McArthur, has unleashed the following today via Twitter:

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Rogers Canada Now Offering 15GB/$150 for "Heavy Users" is reporting that as of June 16, Rogers will begin offering a "heavy user" data plan for 15GB at $150 a month. Those of us who remember 200MB at $100 a month are no doubt shaking our heads, but for especially rapacious users on tethered or laptop setups, it could be more than worth the money:

Device support: All iPhones, Blackberries, HTC Devices, Smartphones, and Mobile Internet Sticks

Anyone hopping on that premium bandwagon any time soon?

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US Networks, HD TV Shows Now Available via iTunes Canada!

Not sure when they -- finally -- flipped this switch, but this morning when I fired up iTunes I was greeted with a full on content party -- US TV productions from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Warner Brothers are now available for Canadians to download in both standard and high definition.

Prices are $3.49 for HD (which includes an SD copy for your iPhone or iPod) and/or $2.49 for SD all by its lonesome.

So, if you don't mind paying for a-la-carte programming a day later but sans commercials, loves you the HD option, and you live in the True North Strong and Free-ish, apparently this week is Canada Day come early!

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Rumor: Rogers Discounting iPhone 3G by $100? has unconfirmed reports of Rogers discounting the iPhone 3G by $100 for qualified buyers (check the link for what qualifies as qualified).

If anyone can confirm this, let us know in the comments. Is Rogers trying to clear stock in advance of a next generation iPhone release this summer?

Ah, rumor season. Gotta love it!

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Shortcovers a Kindle/E-Book Competitor for Canadians?

Our best frenemy forever,'s Kevin sent us word that Canadians currently excluded from all the Amazon Kindle E-Book app goodness may just have an alternative. Seems Chapters/Indigo (think Barnes and Nobles with maple syrup, eh?) is getting into the game, and onto the devices, with a new service called Shortcovers.

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iTunes Gift Certificates Not Accepted at Canadian App Store

You can't use an iTunes gift certificate to buy applications on the Canadian App Store. I've experienced this myself, but never really looked into it before now. But it's true. There's even a thread about it on Apple's Discussion Board.

Highlights include the difference in iTunes App Store Terms of Service between the US:

"10. PAYMENT METHODS. The Service accepts credit cards, payment through your PayPal account, and iTunes Cards, iTunes Store Gift Certificates, and Allowance Account balances as forms of payment."

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