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Apple TV gets new channels from NBC, CBS, and M2M

The Apple TV has added major new programming options to its lineup, with new channels from M2M, NBC, and CBS all available for the set-top box.

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CBS will 'probably' be part of Apple's TV service, according to CEO

CBS CEO Les Moonves stated today that his network will 'probably' be a part of Apple's still unconfirmed TV service. Moonves said that CEO is "very excited" about the service, which may launch this fall

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CBS News for iOS gets live news streaming in latest update

If you consider yourself a news junky, that addiction may have just gotten a tad easier to satisfy. The CBS News app scored a pretty big update today that brings a redesign and several new features. However, the most notable addition is full in-app access to CBSN, the network's 24-hour streaming news channel.

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CBS Radio News grabs update, brings CarPlay support

It looks like CBS has been busy today. In addition to getting its own channel on Apple TV earlier today, the network has also brought an update to its Radio News app for iOS. The big news in this update is that it brings support for CarPlay, allowing you to listen to a selection of on-demand shows from the CBS catalog as you make the commute to work.

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CBS News now streams to your Apple TV

It looks like Apple TV just got an update that brings the CBS News channel to the mix. The update appears to be a server side update on Apple's end so you don't have to do anything to your Apple TV to see the new CBS News channel on your screen.

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CBS launches 'All Access' streaming subscription without the need for cable

CBS has unveiled a new subscription service for consumers who simply wish to stream their favorite shows via the Internet, without the need to have an active cable subscription. The broadcaster's announcement follows HBO revealing similar plans. The CBS All Access service will set viewers back $5.99 a month.

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Larry Ellison thinks we already know what's going to happen to Apple without Steve Jobs

If you listen to the Internet long enough, you'll always be able to find an 'Apple is doomed' story somewhere, and the latest comes courtesy of a television interview with a close friend of Steve Jobs. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, in an interview to be broadcast today on CBS this morning, says how he sees Apple in a post-Steve Jobs time:

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CBS launches app for streaming full episodes of shows

CBS has launched a new app for iOS that streams full episodes of several primetime, daytime, and late night shows. Programs such as NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, and The Late Show with David Letterman are all available.

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Steve Jobs tried to land Apple TV deal with CBS, Les Moonves declined

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves mentioned in an interview recently that Steve Jobs had approached him about syndicating television content on Apple TV. Jobs pitched the partnership as a subscription service, but there aren't many details beyond that. Moonves shot down Jobs, citing concerns about disrupting the traditional CBS revenue stream. Specifically, Moonves said "You know more than me about 99 percent of things but I know more about the television business."

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Siri guest stars on CBS's Big Bang Theory

In the latest episode of CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" titled "Beta Test Initiation", Raj Koothrappali starts a relationship with a well-known woman - Siri.

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