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HTC gets - and wastes - Iron Man for an ad

I love HTC. I had a Dream/G1. I had a Nexus One. I'm dumping my Nexus 4 for an HTC One. I'd love them to be a dominant player in the future of Android, because I think they currently make the best product and would drive the best competition for Apple. However, they're struggling, badly, against Samsung right now, and this ad might, in part, exemplify why.

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Thursday Fun Video: Britney Spears Has iPhone on her Radar

Well, well, what do we have here? Seems one Britney Spears is using an iPhone in her new music video, Radar. Leanna assures us it's at the very beginning, so if your head is turned more by gadgets than starlets, you can get your fix early before you lose an ear or anything.

However, if you love some Britney vids, enjoy the double pop-culture dose.

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Kiefer Sutherland Plays 24 Card for iPhone 3G. Doesn't Get Jack.

BoomBoom. BoomBoom.

Would, for Kiefer's sake, that it was an episode of 24 and he could just ask the writers to script him in a tasty new iPhone 3G (or just work out a product placement with Apple). Sadly, in the real world, no matter who you might think you are, how entitled a cele-bratty you may have become, and how much fiction has become substantially linked with fact in your braid, no one -- and we mean no one -- plays the snob card better than Apple.

So, if you walk into a New York Apple Store and demand the manager give you a pre-lease iPhone 3G, even if you're the star of a decreasingly popular, increasingly formulaic serial drama, don't expect to leave with anything more than a perfectly balance, elegantly finished, state-of-the-art DENIED for your trouble.

(Most likely, the manager, like 99% of other Apple employees, hasn't even held the iPhone 3G yet, much less been given a secret stash to pass on to celebrity walk ins. Either that or the manager must have feared Kiefer would try to unlock the iPhone right there in the store. He is, after all, a well known pirate... Video proof after the break...)

Update: Or maybe not: Jules lets us know in the comments that it was all just a fun game by The Defamer. Still any chance to watch Kiefer take down a Christmas tree is one worth taking. - Dieter

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