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Production on iPhone 5S rumored to be starting this quarter for summer release, less expensive iPhone along for the ride

Apple may be preparing to begin production on the iPhone 5s at some point in this quarter, with plans to release it at some point this summer. This lines up with what iMore heard, which pointed to an August launch date for the phone. Apple is also working on the rumored low-cost iPhone, which could also be launched later this year according to the Wall Street Journal:

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Phil Schiller reportedly debunks rumors of cheaper iPhone

Despite recent rumors pointing to the development of a less expensive iPhone, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller has reportedly indicated that no such device in development. Schiller criticized competitors for launching multiple mediocre products at once in order to find something that customers will buy.

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Rumors say Apple could be working on a less expensive iPhone

It looks as if rumors are surfacing, once again, that Apple could be working on a cheaper iPhone that could hit the market as early as the end of this year. According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple has toyed with the idea in the past but ideas of producing an iPhone with a cheaper build are actually progressing this time.

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iPhone 3G: Apple Re-Invents the $99 Budget Smartphone

There's a "budget" smartphone category that has so far revolved around devices like the Palm Centro, BlackBerry Pearl, and a host of Windows Mobile devices like the Samsung Jack -- basically scads of devices aimed below the fat wallets of enterprise.

Typically these devices are small to the point of being cramped, with tiny keyboards or work-arounds like T9 or SureType, and are low-margin for manufacturers -- sold more to grab new users, bolster market share, and create brand awareness than to serve as mobile computers for the internet age.

Well, Apple has just shot a cannonball through the heart of that smartphone category -- the iPhone 3G at $99.

At least that was our editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn's reaction when we spoke following the big WWDC 2009 Keynote. And I think he's right. Here's why:

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2008 iPhone 3G Now Priced to Move! $99 Starting Today!

When Tim Cook said Apple wasn't going to leave a price umbrella for the competition, did anyone really think he meant the (as of this writing still) current 2008 iPhone 3G would sell for $99 on contract?

Of course, exact pricing will vary by region/carrier and eligibility, contract-wise. Still, if a new customer can walk in AT&T, drop $99, and walk out with a still highly functional iPhone 3G with free upgrade to 3.0...


Who knows how long it will last, so if that's your magic number, go get it!

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Is There a Market (Again!) for the iPhone 2G?

Before WWDC in June of 2008, when Apple announced the iPhone 3G, supplies of the original iPhone (now called 2G) began to dry up. Apple killed the iPhone 2G rather than allow two versions of the device to be on the market at the same time.

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