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Chinese iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders reportedly hit 2 million in first 6 hours

Chinese news sources have reported that retailers and local carriers have surpassed 2 million pre-orders in just 6 hours since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were made available at respective stores. Apple isn't going live with its own pre-order system until October 10 (launching the new smartphones on October 17), but that hasn't halted millions of excited fans reserving their chosen configurations at participating retailers.

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iPhone 6 undergoing final regulatory checks in China

The wait for an iPhone 6 in China may be coming to a close, as Chinese regulatory authorities have mentioned that the device is in final stages of review for approval.

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Some folks are making a quick buck today by reselling their iPhone 6 in China

Apple won't be selling the iPhone 6 officially in China for a while, but that gives some buyers of the smartphone today the opportunity to make a quick profit by reselling the phone in that country.

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China Mobile exec says they don't know when they will sell the iPhone 6

A top executive at China Mobile reportedly said this week that the largest wireless carrier in the world doesn't yet know when they will start selling the iPhone 6, saying the provider is concentrating on selling cheap no-contract smartphones this quarter.

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Chinese Foxconn worker accused of stealing and selling iPhone 6 shells

A worker at one of Foxconn's factories in China was reportedly detained and accused by local law enforcement of stealing six shells for Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 and selling them to a buyer for $160 each.

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Chinese labor and the bullseye on Apple's back

Why does Apple bear the brunt out of seemingly every labor complaint that comes out of China?

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China is working on a homegrown OS to replace current US solutions

The government of China could launch its own PC desktop operating system sometime in October which could later be extended to smartphones and tablets, in a bid to compete with rival overseas systems from Microsoft, Google and Apple.

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Tim Cook expresses sympathy for earthquake victims in Yunnan, China

Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his sympathies with the people of Yunnan, China, after a major earthquake hit the region last week. Almost 600 people have died as a result of the quake so far, and, with 230,000 people having been evacuated. Cook sent an email to Apple employees that expressed support for the victims, as well as announcing that Apple would be making donations to relief groups, according to 9to5Mac:

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Chinese officials deny banning Apple products for government procurement

Earlier this week, a Bloomberg report claimed that the Chinese government excluded a number of Apple products, including the iPad, the iPad mini and a number of MacBooks from a government procurement list due to security concerns. Today, however, a new report out of Reuters, citing China's Central Government Procurement Centre as well as the finance ministry, revealed that the company never applied to be on that particular procurement list, which pertained to energy-saving products.

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China may have banned government purchases of iPads and other Apple products

A new report from Bloomberg claims that the government of China has excluded a number of Apple products, including the iPad, the iPad mini and a number of MacBook laptops from a list of approved products that can be purchased with public money.

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