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Cingleton 2013 videos now available: Mac and iOS luminaries talk core values, get personal

This year's Çingleton theme was "core values" and an interesting thing happened on the way to the presentations: Some of the best developers, designers, and media types in the business got really, really personal about it. In hindsight, probably not a huge surprise. What shaped their core values at work came from what shaped them in life. The resulting talks, however, were as enthralling as they were enlightening and entertaining.

And you can watch them all, on video, for free, right now. Former Apple evangelist Matt Drance's keynote is up top, and the rest, which includes Jessie Char of Pacific Helm, Christina Warren of Mashable, Jonathan Deutsch of Hype, Dave Teare of 1Password, Sebastiaan de With of DoubleTwist, Wolf Rentzsch of C4, Rob Rhyne of Martian Craft, Dan Moran of Macworld, and Scott Simpson of Unicode Thumbs Up, can all be found via the link below. Enjoy!

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Vector 15: Guy English, Dan Moren, Cingleton 3, and core values

Guy English of Kickingbear and Dan Moren of Macworld join Rene to talk about the just-completed Cingleton 3, a symposium dedicated to the core values of Apple and technology developers, designers, and media.

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Michael Jurewitz and Brad Ellis' talks from Çingleton Deux now on video

While all of the presentation at Çingleton Deux were fantastic, among those that stood out and resonated with me were former Apple developer evangelist Michael Jurewitz's talk on App Store economics, and Pacific Helm designer Brad Ellis' talk on color. I was privileged to watch them both live at Ç2, and here's what I wrote at the time:

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Çingleton 3 announced for October 11-13, Ç2 videos start going online

Çingleton 3 is real, and it'll be taking place at Hotel Nelligan in Montreal from October 11-13, 2013. Cingleton is a symposium for iOS and OS X developers, designers, media, and enthusiasts that focuses on big-picture issues like the future of Apple, or how companies scale.

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iMore show 321: Cingleton deux and solving for scale

Rene Ritchie and Guy English talk Cingleton Deux, the challenges of scaling Apple, software, and expectations, Tweetbot for Mac and the value of software, pantsing the quarterback, The Magazine, and the iPad mini and iBooks. This is the iMore show.

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Cingleton deux: Day three

The third and final day of the second annual Cingleton Symposium -- Ç deux -- featured the closing keynote and a special double feature...

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Cingleton deux: Day two

The second day of the second annual Cingleton Symposium -- Ç deux -- was all about the presentations. With Guy English serving as master of ceremonies, a series of all-star developers, designers, media, took turns on the stage.

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Cingleton deux: Day one

The second annual Cingleton Symposium -- Ç deux -- kicked off at the Nelligan Hotel in Old Montreal tonight. Organized by Guy English, Luc Vandal, Scott Morrison, and Petra Mueller, it brings together the best in iOS and OS X developers, designers, and media, mixes them up like high octane cocktail, and let's amazing things result.

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Editors desk: Çingleton, Passbook, gripes, and giving thanks beyond the Wall

It's Thanksgiving weekend here beyond the Wall, in Canada, so I'll keep things brief. The iPhone 5 has launched and while we've done our full iPhone 5 review and iOS 6 review, there's still plenty left to cover. iMore has the benefit, and responsibility, of only having one phone to focus on a year, so we're going to make sure we do the best job possible for you. Top to bottom, inside and out, day one to year two, we're going to help you get the most out of your new iPhone.

Now, before the turkey...

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iMore show 313: Smartly compromised

Rene talks with Guy English of Kicking Bear and the Çingleton Symposium about media bias, Apple's iPhone event, and the ramifications of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 in the gaming industry and more. This is the iMore show Sunday edition.

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