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Saturday Night Live pokes fun at iPhone 5 complainers

The tech world has been ablaze with complaints relating to the iPhone 5 lately. Everything from Apple maps to scratched phones straight out of the box. Are we making a big deal out of nothing? Saturday Night Live seems to think so.

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Siri guest stars on CBS's Big Bang Theory

In the latest episode of CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" titled "Beta Test Initiation", Raj Koothrappali starts a relationship with a well-known woman - Siri.

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Conan O’Brien takes aim at Apple and the lost iPhone 5 prototype [video]

Talk show host Conan O'Brien has obviously been following the latest lost Apple iPhone prototype shenanigans closely as he has put together a rather amusing comedy sketch.

The sketch is based on the format of an Apple advertisement with various imaginery senior Apple employees discussing the person responsible for the theft and what they intend to do the individual when they find him or her.

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Steve Jobs Pitches the iPad to BBC's Dragons Den [Friday fun video]

What would it have been like if Steve Jobs had pitched the iPad to The Dragons on BBC's Dragons Den?

The sketch was seen as part of the BBC's 2010 Unwrapped with Miranda Hart - a comical review on some of the big stories of 2010.

See the video after the break!

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