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Conan O'brien

Conan pokes fun at Samsung copying Apple

The Apple vs Samsung trial is apparently mainstream enough now that even Team Coco's own Conan O'Brien is lampooning it on his late night talk show -- or at least lampooning Samsung's attempts to claim they're not a copyist.

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Conan O'Brien plays life-sized Angry Birds and pokes fun at iPad 2 [Friday fun videos]

Last night, Conan O'Brian had a fun, life-sized game of Angry Birds on stage and teased Apple for getting cocky about the iPad 2 with a mock promo video that is based off the following slogan:

iPad 2. You'll buy it no matter what we say.

To make the Angry Birds game more exciting, Conan had the pigs hiding under IKEA furniture because Finland's arch rival is Sweden (Angry Birds was developed in Finland, and IKEA is based out of Swedan).

For some good laughs, check out the videos after the break!

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