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Contrast launches Group Text+ and Email+ to make sharing with more people easier

Contrast, the developer behind Launch Center Pro, has released two new apps designed to make it easy to share with multiple people at once. Group Text+ and Email+ are an attempt by Contrast to make shortcuts accessible to a much broader audience.

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Contact Center is a powerful new way to keep in touch

Contact Center is the latest app from Contrast, the developers behind Launch Center Pro. Contact Center could actually be described as Launch Center Pro for Contacts. It uses the same grid setup as LCP, and allows you to create simple yet powerful shortcuts to make communicating with other people as easy as possible.

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Mileage Log+ for iPhone now available, iOS 7 ready and packed with awesome features

Mileage Log+ for iPhone is the new and updated version of the popular mileage tracking app Trip Cubby. Not only does it bring a brand new interface, it adds new features that make it more convenient than ever, including the ability to calculate distances for you, no odometer readings necessary.

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App Cubby rebrands as Contrast, teases Perfect Weather, Gas Cubby goes to Fuelly

App producer extraordinaire, David Barnard - you know him, most recently, from Launch Center Pro - is rebranding his company, App Cubby, into Contrast and teasing an all-new app, Perfect Weather, coming soon to iOS.

One of App Cubby's most renowned apps, Gas Cubby, isn't making the transition. Instead, it's being taken over by Andy Robinowitz and Fuelly, and they have big plans to further its development in its brand new home.

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