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Kensington and Chelsea College launches first iPhone photography course

Kenisngton and Chelsea College in the UK, is planning a new course which will be devoted entirely to taking photographs with the iPhone’s camera. The course in ‘iPhoneography’ is thought to be the first ever course of its kind in the United Kingdom.

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iTunes U: Stanford Releases iPhone Application Programming

iTunes U has posted the first in what promises to be a series of video lectures on iPhone Application Programming [iTunes link] from Stanford University. Led by Evan Doll and Alan Cannistaro, it's recommended for people with previous C, UNIX, object oriented programming languages, and graphics tookit experience, but will likely prove of value to anyone interested to in coding the next great iPhone app. Ars Technica says:

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iPhone Invades Stanford University

A while back TUAW reported that an iPhone programming course was being created. Well that course became a reality and they now have 80 students signed up and ready to start developing killer apps this fall. Along with the programming course, Stanford has designed a project that contains a series of apps for their students... The Stanford iApps Project. These apps are currently in beta testing and should be in the App Store soon.


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