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Palm Pre "Cards" Deja Viewed in Mobile Safari "Tabs"

We've mentioned this in passing before, but the parallels, if any, are worth making more prominent.

Using webOS, which is a localized, almost widget-ized development environment (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and enhanced local access), the Palm Pre can run many WebApps at the same time. The way it's visualized is with the "card" metaphor, where a touch of the Home-like button shrinks the current screen down to a thumbnail that's kept live and updated in real time. The interface also lets users shuffle the apps like cards in a fanned-out deck. You re-arrange the cards and can even terminate an app by "throwing it away".

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Forum Review: Peeps CoverFlow Contact Viewer for the iPhone

Peeps by msbaylor. (Visit the thread for video and more pics. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

Peeps is a new and interesting way to view your contacts- by their pictures!

When you first open the application, all you contact are loaded into the app. For me it only took about 5 second to import all 150 or so contacts.

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Good Idea: Contact Coverflow

Among the features we'd hoped to see in iPhone 2.0 that we didn't: Photo Speed Dial. Sure, there's a nasty hack to get photo speed dial by adding web shortcuts to your homescreen, but it's not very convenient and the photos are very small. TechAU managed to have one of those moment where they think of something that we all should have: Contact Coverflow. We like it because, well, the Coverflow framework is already on the iPhone (you've seen it in the iPod app) and can be utilized by other jailbroken apps -- as witnessed in the jailbreak app AppFlow.

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