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Google Play Music All Access officially launching on iOS

Google's SVP of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, dropped a pretty huge piece of news our way at the D11 conference; Google Play Music All Access is coming to iOS. Currently, there's unofficial apps that will get you into Google's new streaming service, but it's pretty huge news that Google is bringing it to iOS in an official capacity.

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Check out the Tim Cook interview from D11 in full; see what he didn't say

Last night saw Apple CEO Tim Cook make his much anticipated appearance on stage at the D11 conference in California. Whenever Tim Cook talks, people want to listen, and so, now, the video has been posted by the folks at AllThingsD so we can all re-live the interview in full.

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Tim Cook not opposed to porting Apple apps to Android (but they're not going to)

Apple CEO Tim Cook, wrapping up his stint on stage at D11, said Apple wasn't religiously opposed to porting iOS apps to Android (or presumably other platforms). Cook claimed that, if it made sense, Apple would indeed consider bringing apps to Android. However, and especially in the case of iCloud, Cook doesn't currently think it makes that kind of sense.

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Former EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, joining Apple reporting to Tim Cook

In talking up Apple's environmental policies at D11, CEO Tim Cook announced that former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Lisa Jackson, will be joining the company reporting directly to Cook. Jackson joins Apple to co-ordinate the environmental policies right across the company.

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Apple open to opening more APIs in the future, but not for Facebook Home

At D11, when Walt Mossberg came after Tim Cook on the issue of openness, and how Apple wouldn't open their Home screen to Facebook's Chat Heads, and how their keyboard had fallen behind Android third party solutions (like Swype or Swiftkey), Tim Cook responded that Apple would open things up in the future.

Not wide enough for Chat Heads to get in, of course, but wider than what the current iOS SDK allows, and something third parties could do... something with.

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Tim Cook: The magic is at the intersection

As part of the D11 conference, Tim Cook deferred questions about the future of iOS and OS X to WWDC 2013, which is now less than two weeks away. He did, however, address the new management, with software, services, and design, among other things, all now under unified leadership.

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Tim Cook unsure about Google Glass, but very interested in wearable tech

On stage at the D11 conference this evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about wearable devices such as Google Glass and fitness bands. While he didn’t comment directly about Apple’s explorations into wearable technology, he commented on Google Glass, wondering if perhaps its appeal was limited. People wear glasses because they have to, not because they want to, he said, and he doubted many people under 20 still wore watches.

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Tim Cook announces 13 million Apple TVs sold to date, still playing coy about the future

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage at the D11 conference in California, and while playing coy as usual about the future of Apple TV, he has dropped some interesting figures into the conversation, namely that Apple's set top box has sold 13 million units to date, and more impressively, half of those were in the last year.

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