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Data Usage

AT&T keeping up pressure on top iPhone data users

Looks like AT&T is still sending out passive aggressive -- or aggressive aggressive -- text messages to top iPhone data users again/still.

AT&T Free Msg: Your data usage this month is in the top 5% of users. Use Wi-Fi to help avoid reduced speeds in future bill cycles. Visit

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Daily Tip: How to track your data usage

Have you ever wanted to know how to track how much data your iPhone or iPad are using? If you're on a capped plan, you probably should, especially now that there have been accusations AT&T have been fudging data numbers. There are a few different ways in which you can track how much data your iPhone or iPad has used. Stay with us after the break to find out how to use the built-in method.

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Daily Tips: How to conserve your iPhone data usage

Have limited 3G data on your iPhone or iPad and want to know how to conserve it as best as you can? Get that dreaded "You've used up 80% of your data for the month" message and there are still weeks to go before your next billing cycle? Overage charges are probably the most expensive expensive items a carrier can bill you for so stay with us after the break to find out how to best conserve your data!

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Poll: How Much iPhone Data Are You Using?

How much iPhone data are you using each month?(trends)

In light of AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega saying iPhone users user more data than any other smartphone user, indeed that iPhone users "crowd out" other users, and that they may have to "manage" iPhone data, TiPb reader Louie asked if we'd run a poll to find out just what the numbers looked like.

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How Much iPhone 3G Data Are You Using Now?

Last August, a month after the iPhone 3G's release, we asked you how much iPhone 3G data you were using. Now, some 10 months post-release, with cries that iPhone users consumer "too much" of their "unlimited data" and should be charged more, and perhaps on the eve of the next generation iPhone announcement, we're asking again:

How much iPhone 3G data are you using now?

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iPhone Cellular Network Data Meter Dialed Down After Reboot?

Bla1ze brought this to our attention and while we're likely not the first to notice this, we haven't found or figured a good answer for it either. If you have a low data usage on your iPhone (in the MBs rather than GBs) and you do a reboot, when your iPhone comes back up, the Cellular Network Data meter will be lower.

Above are two screen shots taken right before and right after a reboot, which show the difference.

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AT&T Roaming Data Usage Woes

Have you ever traveled out of the country just to come back home and get smacked upside the head by your AT&T cellular bill? Well one of our faithful readers, Mike, has a very unusual situation... he asked us to share his story with you in hopes of preventing this happening to any other readers.

Mike recently added a International Data Roaming Plan before a trip out of the country. It seemed like all was covered... until he got home and received his latest bill. Here is Mike's story, in his own words:


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How Much iPhone 3G Data Are You Using?

It's been a month since the iPhone 3G launched, and unlike the US and a few other countries, not every country -- or every user -- got unlimited data with their shiny new wonder toy. Some, like Canada and Sweden gave eleventh hour reprieves, but others remain bass akwards and incredibly stingy/gouging with their data rates to this day.

But regardless of your cap (or even if you have no cap), how much data are you using?

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How To: Keep Track of Your Data Usage With iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G is a data monster. With speeds of 400, 600 or more than 1400kps reported in some areas, it sucks down information faster than El Jobso does veggie smoothies. Unfortunately, not every carrier in every country provides unlimited data plans to go with Apple's next generation revolutionary internet device, or even reasonable data. And even those that do typically have a "soft cap" (e.g. 5GB) after which they either throttle down your speed, or put a black mark in your record as a problem customer and eventually give you the boot.

If you're in one of the Scandinavian countries, in Mexico, Belgium, or any other Pacific or European, Latin or African country with very expensive data, or if you just want to keep track of how much you're using and when, Apple has provided you and easy way to do it. Read on to find out how!

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