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David Barnard

iMore show 388: Candy Paper Flappy Bird

David Barnard of Contrast joins Rene and Peter to talk about bringing Launch Center Pro to iPad, whether in-app purchases are ruining apps, ratings requests, Paper fights, and the rage-of-mouth of Flappy Bird. Also: your questions answered!

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Iterate 56: Barnard, Kelsh, and Maheux on shipping iOS 7 apps

David Barnard of Contrast, Matt Kelsh of Shifty Jelly, and Ged Maheux of the Iconfactory talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about their experiences shipping iOS 7 apps.


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A plea for human rather than digital authenticity

With iOS 7 Apple famously - and loudly - removed the rich textures of icons and interfaces past and went with the current trend of flatter, more solid, and more type-centric design. Yet with OS X on the Mac, and the just-releaed Logic Pro X, they not only kept a lot of rich design, they embraced all sorts of virtual knobs, switches, and panels. So what's a sane trend follower to do? David Barnard has some ideas:

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iMore show 351: The flattening

David Barnard of App Cubby joins Rene, Peter, and Derek to talk about Tim Cook at D11, the Apple TV, open APIs, wearable watches, glassable glasses, future Mac Pros, trendy designs, and more!

Got something to say about the show? Love/hate the new format? Agree/disagree with something we said? Speak your mind in the comments and we'll read the best ones next show!

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Timer 2.0 removes in-app ad, apologizes to customers

App Cubby, the company behind Timer 2.0, will be removing the in-app ad -- an icon advertising another app -- and has issued an apology to their users for inserting it in the first place. It's a classy and extremely customer-centric move.

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David Barnard of App Cubby talks Retina Macs, iOS 6, and more at WWDC 2012

We grabbed App Cubby honcho and Gas Cubby, Launch Center, and Timers visionary, David Barnard right after the WWDC keynote to get his thoughts on Retina MacBook Pros and iOS 6... then we grabbed him the next day to reshoot the whole thing with better audio. (He's a champ like that.) David did an excellent job intuiting Apple's path to Retina, and he elaborates on that here. Also, David dives into iOS 6 -- what it tells us about Apple, and what it means for developers.

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Iterate 7: App Cubby

Developers weigh in on Android vs. iOS openness

Former Facebook for iPhone developer Joe Hewitt has weighed in on the Steve Jobs re-ignited "openness" debate with a cogent argument that Android isn't much more open than iOS, at least not in the true spirit of the term. Here's what he posted (mostly via Twitter for iPad, for those keeping track at home):

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