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Apple rumored to be urging developers to get Retina display iPad 3 apps ready for announcement event

Building off of news from yesterday that Apple will be holding an iPad event in early March comes word that Apple has been in a frenzied rush with developers to finish up their iPad app efforts so they can be demoed on stage. Some of these apps may also be included in future iPad commercials showing off the new model. TheNextWeb reports:

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id Software's Rage running on a iPhone 4 at 60 FPS

During QuakeCon 2010, ID Software's co-founder John Carmack demoed Rage on a iPhone 4 running at a very impressive 60 frames-per-second. And what's maybe even more impressive is the fact that Carmack believes this game will "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2." We first heard of Rage coming to the iPhone and iPad back in March so it's good to see that this is finally going to happen and sooner rather than later.

Any first-person-shooter fan out there should definitely be chomping at the bit to see this one land into the App Store "later this year". And if one title is not enough, perhaps the planned sequel that will be available just in time for the 2011 launch of the PC version will make you happy.

Check out the most impressive video after the break!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Mac Multitouch Trackpad 11-Point Demo

11-point multitouch tracking might sound nifty in a theoretical spec throwaway, but what does it mean to an end-user? Likely still not much, but thanks to FingerMgmt we can at least see it in action now -- on a MacBook glass trackpad at least.

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Updated: Apple Introduces In-App Purchase for Free App -- Buh-Bye Lite, Hello Demo!

Apple has just sent out a letter to developers introducing in-app purchasing for free apps.

UPDATE: Developers Erica Sadun on TUAW, and Marco Arment delve deeper into the subject, as does Techcrunch (twice).

ORIGINAL: Here's what Apple had to say:

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Dev Team Demos iPhone 3GS ultrasn0w Unlock, Hacker Releases iPhone 3GS purplera1n Jailbreak

There has been so much jailbreak/unlock news as of late, it's enough to make your head spin. So let's end this week with two more tidbits of news from the community.

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How Should Apple Handle App Store Demos?

There are no demos available in the App Store, we know this. No try before you buy, no download now, pay later. According to Erica Sadun at Ars Technica, even mentioning demo in your verbiage, like beta, will get you a swift kick in the rejection button. Free "Lite" versions are the only way to go.

Zach Epstein over on the Boy Genius Report wonders out loud why Apple, in its infinite usability, can't create a mechanism where Apps get downloaded free, and then expire after a short period of time unless you decide to buy and keep them.

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Macworld: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone Demo Video

The fine folks at Sling were kind enough to give TiPb a demo of their soon-to-be submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone client and it looked all shades of sweet. In addition to great H.264 quality and video overlays, they went all the way and implemented "swipe to change channels". We. Want. This. Now.

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WWDC 08: iPhone Apps Roundup

Accidentally fall asleep when developers went over 190832 apps during the keynote? Numb your mind and index finger by maddeningly refreshing your browser? Miss all the apps that were showcased in the iPhone? Fear not, TiPb will give you a quick nitty gritty update on the lot.

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