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Digital Comics

Marvel giving away over 700 free digital comics... again!

Marvel has retconned and reissued their big comiXology giveaway, promising the #1 issues of up to 700 digital comics -- for free. To get in on the mighty Marvel giveaway, you need to register between now 11:59pm, April 9. In other words, tomorrow night. According to Marvel:

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DC Comics coming soon to iBooks, Kindle, and Nook

DC Comics has just announced a deal to bring their monthly content to Apple's iBooks as well as to the Kindle and Nook online stores. While DC Comics already has offerings in the App Store in the form of graphic novels via their own apps or apps like ComiXology, monthly content hasn't been available in iBooks natively, until now.

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Cut the Rope's Om Nom breaking into digital comics soon

Today at Comic-Con, ZeptoLab has announced a partnership with Ape Entertainment to develop a digital comic series featuring Om Nom. If you're a fan of the popular game Cut the Rope, you'll be familiar with, Om Nom. He's the one everyone fell in love with when Cut the Rope was originally released.

"It’s an amazing opportunity to work with ZeptoLab on one of the app world’s most addictive and successful games,” said David Hedgecock, CEO of Ape Entertainment. “The comic book series is shaping up beautifully and we are making something that we know fans of Cut The Rope and fans of good entertainment everywhere are going to absolutely love!"

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iVerse Bringing Comic Books to iPad

iVerse already has an iPhone app that lets you get and read digital comics on the go but, like many of us, when they saw Steve Jobs holding up that shiny new 9.7" multitouch screen, they wanted their comics on the iPad.

Not content with simply upscaling their existing app, however, they built a new one from scratch:

“We really wanted to create a traditional comic book reading experience on this device.” said Mr. Murphey. “You know, just because we can do all kinds of crazy things with the technology doesn’t necessarily mean we should.”

They've also answered some long-standing reader demands, including zoom and preview images. Content comes from Marvel, Ape Entertainment, Archaia, BOOM! Studios, IDW Publishing, titles from Image Comics creators, but no sign of DC yet (for shame!), and we're not clear how much is available from which publisher yet either (for shame industry!).

The best news?

Long time users of iVerse Comics will have the ability to download new, high resolution, iPad files of their previously in-app-purchased comics for no additional cost. By the hoary hosts indeed!

Video after the break!

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