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Blog vs. Blog: Thurrott/Dilger MobileMe Pundit-palooza!

What's better than a couple of well versed, well argued technologists presenting deeply reasoned and sharply insightful, fundamentally different but equally challenging, views on a critical topic? Well... nothing. They're just hard to find given the intertube collective's penchant for rewarding punditry and link baiting. Sometimes, however, we're lucky enough to find a mix of both knowledge and provocation.

Cases in point: here were have noted Windows Super-Siter, Paul Thurrott, and accomplished Roughly-Drafted Apple Insider Prince McLean each presenting their own unique, multi-part perspectives on MobileMe.

Ready for the blow-by-blow? Continued after the break!

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Unlock the iPhone, Tie it to .Mac Revenue?

Roughly Drafted recently proposed that neither impending 3G nor poor supply chain management were to blame for Apple Store's lack of iPhone stock, but rather the international gray market for unlocked handsets.

Now, based on a post from Infrageeks, they're back with a look at how Apple could replace some carrier kick-back revenue with .Mac subscription revenue, if El Jobso saw fit to beef up the service and better tie it into the iPhone.

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Gaming: iPhone vs. Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

We've covered gaming here a few times already. Now Roughly Drafted Magazine's Daniel Eran Dilger chimes in with another of his highly detailed (and highly partisan) articles, this one looking at Apple's iPhone and how it compares to, and seems poised to disrupt, the established portable gaming platforms:

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Multitask-Masters: iPhone Pundits Strike Back!


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Developers want them their multitasking. They want them popping up, one after the other, like Agent Smith replicants in the Matrix sequels. What? Viruses incarnate from poorly conceived follow-up movies is a bad analogy?

Not according to some leading Apple pundits.

Witness Daniel Eran Dilger's iPhone 2.0 SDK: The No Multitasking Myth from Roughly Drafted Magazine:

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