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Special deals on Pirates, XCOM and other 2K games thru Saturday

2K Games is having a sale on some of their iOS games. The sale is running until tomorrow, and includes a number of popular 2K titles. X-COM: Enemy Unknown is available for $9.99, NBA 2K14 can be had for $2.99, 2K Drive is down to $1.99, and bot the iPhone and iPad versions of Sid Meier's Pirates! and Civilization Revolution are both $0.99.

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Get great deals on iPhones and iPads at Best Buy, RadioShack, and Walmart

Several retailers are offering discounts on the newest Apple devices, including the iPhone 5 when purchased with a two-year contract, and the iPad.

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iPhone 4 prices cut at Target and Radio Shack

Target and Radio Shack are dropping their prices on the iPhone 4. A lot of retailers typically do this to clear out inventory in anticipation for a new iPhone. We've seen it happen every year thus far.

If you're in the market for a new iPhone and don't care about waiting for the iPhone 5, you can get an iPhone 4 at Target for $149 (16 GB) and $249 (32 GB). Radio Shack also has a promotion this week cutting the prices to $169 and $269. If you trade in an existing iPhone, you can get an additional $100 off at Radio Shack.

As always, these prices will require you to sign a new 2-year agreement. I'd personally hold out for the iPhone 5 but if you aren't willing to shell out over $200 for a new phone, this may be the deal for you.

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Apple holding Black Friday online shopping event

Apple Online and Apple Retail have only one sale a year -- Black Friday, held the day after Thanksgiving -- and Apple has already got a helpful reminder posted on their website:

Come back to the Apple Online Store the day after Thanksgiving for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You'll find dozens of great iPad, iPod and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.

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UPDATED: Upgrade Pricing Finally Coming to App Store?

UPDATE: Or not, as this dialog's been around for a while as per 9to5Mac's @llsethj.

Developer Frasier Spears posted the above "curious" iTunes dialog to Twitter. It appeared when he hit "Update All". We have no way of knowing exactly it means, but we're hoping it means upgrade pricing is finally coming to the app store.

As background, one of the problems still facing developers has been the inability to offer paid upgrades. Either they had to give away new versions for free, or they had to create new apps with no way to discount the price to existing users.

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TiPb Discounts -- 25% off FictionWise eBooks!

The fine folks at (aka, or if you're on your iPhone) are giving TiPb readers 25% off on any eBook purchase until February 28. (Their eReader app for the iPhone is already free -- iTunes link).

Here's the code you need to get your discount:


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RichardSolo Macworld Discount Still Valid

So Macworld 2009 has come and gone. Sad, yes we all know. Although, that does not mean all of the special deals that were going on at the show are gone! One of discounts still floating around comes to us from RichardSolo.

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